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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alisa Randolph – Alisa Randolph (1990)

Now here was a CD I found used and almost stopped breathing for! It is Alisa Randolph, one third of my fave female funk group ever, Madame X. Anyway, Madame X was the brainchild of one of my fave ladies and producers, Bernadette Cooper. In case you were unaware, Miss Cooper was part of another of my fave female funk acts, Klymaxx. She brought the funk and sexy sensibility from Klymaxx and upped it ten notches for Madame X. Unfortunately Madame X disbanded after limited success. I thought that was the end of it all, but then I found this CD randomly one day. Not only does it feature the (arguably) best singer of Madame X, but it is produced by Bernadette! I almost died on the spot. It was rumoured that the album was actually supposed to be Madame X's follow-up, but the group was disbanded and the songs went to Alisa solo. Alas, the result wasn’t quite as Madame X-y as I’d hoped. It’s still good pop-funk, and Alisa’s in fine form, but it just wasn’t as visceral and naughty as I’d hoped. And obviously it didn’t pick up much steam in the charts. But one interesting note is that Alisa’s only single from the album, "The Entity", was recorded by actress Nia Peeples a year later for her second album, with Bernadette also at the helm. Very sadly (and thanks to consolecharlie for informing me of this), Alisa passed away in December, 2005. Her husband has created a very beautiful tribute site (I e-mailed him to confirm this was indeed the same Alisa and he seemed very happy to hear from a fan). Check it out, as in the future he plans to add audio and visual, as well as photos and a biography. It's terribly sad to know such promising talent was taken from us far too soon. She did manage to record and release some more material before she passed, however, which can be bought off of should you wish to bask in her wonderful voice some more.

UPDATE: Alisa's sister wrote this wonderful comment here and I'd thought I'd share it for all to see. Thanks so much, Judy.

"Alisa was my beautiful sister, here it is early Mothers Day morning and I still grieve her passing as if it just happened yesterday. It makes my heart flutter to know she had such a great fan base. I wish you all could have met her. She has always been an Angel, always generous, understanding, and gave LOVE unconditionally. Thank you all for the nice comments, I will send her your regards via ballooon delivery to HEAVEN.

Judy Harris "

Download Alisa Randolph

The Entity
How Can A Girl Get To Know You Better?
Put That Thang On Me
Guilty Of Loving You
Pretty Face
Man Stealer
Through My Eyes
He's The Kind Of Man (You Want To Come Home To)
What A Woman Won't Do (For Her Man)


  1. Just found out something, not sure if you know but she died in 2005. There's a memorial site here:

  2. Oh my! Thanks for the update. That's so sad...

  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, sorry :(

    But God she had some voice!

  4. Looking at the photo again, though, I'm wondering if that actually is the the same Alisa... Must investigate further!! (And if you like her voice, definitely download the Madame X album from Will For All. Awesome!)

  5. It would be an incredible coincidence if it wasn't her but there is an email on the website so if you send an email to them , they might be able to confirm it.

    I tried to find that album but I couldn't see it anywhere on Will For All :(

  6. Maybe I will write them. I need to know for sure! And here's the Madame X link:


  7. Thanks! Let me know if it is the same Alisa.

  8. Unfortunately it is the same Alisa. See my updated post. :(

  9. any chance you'll dig up bernadette cooper's solo album, `the drama according to...'?

  10. I was considering that next. ;)

  11. o man. I used to love that song meeting in the ladies room by klymaxx. such an awesome sound. i wanna hear this lady now.

    ~Issue Zero

  12. Alisa was my beautiful sister, here it is early Mothers Day morning and I still grieve her passing as if it just happened yesterday. It makes my heart flutter to know she had such a great fan base. I wish you all could have met her. She has always been an Angel, always generous, understanding, and gave LOVE unconditionally. Thank you all for the nice comments, I will send her your regards via ballooon delivery to HEAVEN.

    Judy Harris

    1. Judy...

      I hope this finds you and yours well & happy! You are missed!

      Alisa is forever missed. She rose to her gifts as few ever can!

      There could never be enough of her joy & spark - such is the rarity of her purity!

      Yet how blessed, how very blessed we are to hear & see her through the miracle of her presence in this medium. Reviewing some of her material, I'm reminded of her energy & vibe from the earliest days of Alisa's performances on Bourbon Street and count it a cherished privilege to share that moment in our experience.

      I found out too late for appropriate respects to you and your family & Alisa's husband Jess on her passing these now six years ago. I am further saddened by the word of son Rudolph's passing - a great shock to the order of things. There are mysteries that seem unfathomable.

      The simple integrity & fidelity you have always shown to your sister continues to shine triumphant Judy - a blessing for Alisa all of her days!

      Each day as the world wheels eastward, the sun crests the horizon & all humanity rises in turn with it - countless blossoms unfurling their petals to greet the dawn across the globe. Each night the seasons of the day are concluded & humanity recedes. It is the way.

      But we do not forget when the brightest blossoms shone brilliant - in that Spring of Time when promise, joy & hope effervesce to inspire and comfort us before the dark.

      She shines yet still and forever dear Sister & we are renewed in her tender memory.

      Sublimely tempered her joy remains a glowing ember deep within us, to bide us through the Autumn of Our Days.


    2. I have tried so hard to locate you Phil, thank you soooo much for the beautiful comments. I can be reached at cajunsneedluv2@

  13. I just found out tonight that Alisa's son Rudy had passed away. How sad. Alisa use to live next door to me on Diamond Head, with her son Rudy. Both gone. There is a sadness in my heart tonight. Gone to soon.
    Aloha, Rick Edds

  14. please reaplaud this one please

  15. I worked with Alisa & miss her dearly. I didnot know her son Rudy passed away as well. So sad but I know how much she loved & adored her son and they are now together in heaven as they were on earth. I remember when she met her husband & how happy she was and how he made her so happppy!! Much love to him & her entire family.

  16. Hello ! can you reaplaud this record . Thank you !

  17. From Paris, France, Thanks!
    I first found the album of Alisa Randolph, here,4 years ago, now i have the LP (finally), it's great to have someone like you, who post album , hard to find,like this.
    Once again, Thanks !!!
    Stone City Guy

  18. Alisa was one of the most beautiful pure souls that walked the face of the earth I still hear her tender voice and presence every time I think of her My Love for her still lives on in my heart mind and spirit I will never stop loveing her gone way too soon ALISA I LOVE YOU FOREVER RAE 3 3 2015 SING ON MY LOVE

  19. Would you mind very much uploading this one again? I'm sorry I missed it, and am honestly ashamed of myself for not knowing of Alisa Randolph sooner - or even that Bernadette was a producer - although I have fond radio memories of Klymaxx and bought their albums! Somehow it takes me far too long to look up everyone I'm a fan of on the internet and learn all about them and their projects. Thanks for all the research you do for your blog! I always learn a lot here and appreciate it ...even if sometimes you inevitably find out sad things about the artists being gone. Anyway, thanks for everything! ~Chris

    1. It's been reupped. ;) And check out Bernadette's new album if you haven't yet. It's amazing!

    2. here it is:-!1RNp8uZEPOQq/alisa-randolph-89-zip

  20. HI Judy,

    I actually recorded some of my original songs with Alisa in Honolulu. I can send them to you if you email me.
    I miss her....


    KK Kaminaka

  21. always wanted to write a song for alisa,she coould sing everything from r'n'b to gospel to one of those slow storm ballads.

  22. found this posthumous it official?
    Alisa Randolph With Rod Martin & Friends

  23. Yes Bonnie, Alisa did sing on several of Rod Martin's Cds

  24. for everyone who wanted the album, here's a link i just used to download, couldn't find original CD or cassette anywhere here in greece: -!1RNp8uZEPOQq/alisa-randolph-89-zip

  25. Thank you all for your beautiful comments. Life is not the same without my sister Alisa, she was the backbone of our family unit. I'm working so hard to find a way to honor her legacy, I will start with a facebook page. Thank you all,may Gods love and light continue to guide your paths❤