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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bernadette Cooper - Drama According To Bernadette Cooper (1990)

Here, by request, we have the one and only solo album by THE diva of funk, Bernadette Cooper. I could gush all day about the many talents of this lady, but I'll let the music speak for itself. A member and driving force behind the fantastic Klymaxx, Bernadette moved on to be a producer extraordinaire, masterminding the brilliant Madame X, and creating and producing great songs for Alisa Randolph, Nia Peeples, Mazarati, Altitude, Shalamar, Cheryl Lynn and fellow Klymaxx-er Joyce "Fenderella" Irby, among others. I cannot even begin to express how under-appreciated this woman's talents are. Her solo album is stellar, showcasing everything that makes her fabulous. "I Look Good" was a moderate R&B hit, but the follow-up singles "Stupid" and "The Underground" failed to ignite. I am at a loss as to why. The album is both danceable and tender in equal doses and should have been huge. Her often spoken vocals (infamously parodied by Halle Berry on SNL) are sexy and strong. And Teena Marie herself does guest vocals!! (On a side note, Isle postee Club 69 made an awesome remake of "I Look Good".) Sparked by VH1's Bands Reunited, Klymaxx reformed, though member Cheryl Cooley formed her own version, to the distaste of the other members.  Though the real Klymaxx toured together for some time, they didn't make any new music.   But luckily for us all, in 2015, Bernadette released an amazing new album: Last Diva On Earth Episode 1: Planet Sexy. Her signature sexy funk sound is in full splendor, with some modern touches making it perfect for the club.  The diva is back!!

Video for I Look Good

Download Drama According To Bernadette Cooper

I Look Good (An Interview With Bernadette Cooper)
Do You Really Know What Love Is
The Underground
The Agency Sent Me
Let's Be Discreet
Drama According To Bernadette Cooper
I'm That Girl
The Howard Hughes Sitcom
Straight Jacket (Love Affair)
Nothin' You Can Do
Movie Produce Her


  1. Awesome! I was hoping this one would be posted one day, with the other Cooper-related postings. Thank you so much for this one, and thank you for all of the incredible postings you've done!

  2. I was fortunate enough to interview Ms. Cooper about a year ago, and she was extremely sweet. She even did an ID for my show and dropped a "Slap me, cause I'm STILL lookin' good."

  3. yo this is the BEST post all year! I loved this CD when I got it.. and now thanks to u I can still Rock HOWARD HUGHES LOVE AFFAIR! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much, I'm so grateful. :) I have nothing but love and support for Bernadette Cooper.

  5. I was hoping to get the Bernadette Cooper CD for download. With every thing going on in the world, the FBI is worried about Megauload..Geez!!

    1. I'll re-up it in the next couple of days. ;)

    2. Tha album is now reuploaded. :)

  6. Actually I don't get it. I tried using the service and it won't work. I click download and the same page pops up and then says problem with server. Is there anyway to do 4 shared cause the I livid thing keeps freezing and won't download

    1. You actually have to wait for the links to generate at the bottom of the page (don't click Download Now at the top). There will be 8 links to different file sharing sites and you can download from any one of those. ;)

  7. I REALLY need these Bernadette songs... can anyone please help me find them? I'm looking for the one where she says "roll out the red carpet... i'm a diva.... etc etc" Thanks in advance!