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Saturday, February 9, 2008

B-tina - Laid Back (2004)

From what I can gather from her myspace site and badly translated Wikipedia entries, B-tina is Bettina Antoni, whose birth name is Krystyna Ferentz. Born in Poland, she moved to France and became a model, most notably for Pierre Cardin. She soon moved into acting, starring in the erotic television series Emmanuelle. She was also a television host for French station Antenne 2. She also obviously embarked on a recording career, first as the voice of something called Froggy Mix, who released eurohouse cheese. A couple years later she released her only solo album on a label, Krysty Music, whose only other notable release was Bananarama's flop album Exotica. The album is dance pop, and would fit nicely beside any recent recordings by Dannii Minogue or Gina G. Given a bigger label and a bigger push, the album could have made a minor splash internationally, IMO. I think fans of this blog will find this one quite pleasing. ;) Recently she is once again recording with Froggy Mix and is also part of the revival of French cabaret act Les Coco Girls.

Download Laid Back

Not An Illusion
Bright Blue Sky
Why Oh Why
Good Times
A Little Bit Of Fun
All I Want
Up 2 U
I Remember (Kobeto Mix)
Artificial Love
Laid Back
There It Goes Again
Open Up Your Mind
Here I Am Here I Stay
The Reason Why
So Hot (Milky Remix Radio Edit)
I Remember (Unplugged Mix)

1 comment:

  1. Holy fuck! This shit is fabulous! I also think this album could have done well across Europe.

    BTW - Love the new look!