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Monday, February 18, 2008

Michelle Blade - Cheatin' Game (1994)

Here we have a Canadian diva who I am now pleased to say I am Facebook friends with! She was searching for a copy of this album and asked me if I was selling it on another site I contribute to, Discogs. Of course, I wasn't about to give it up, even to the woman who recorded it. LOL But with her blessing I'm sharing it here. I first saw her perform in 1990 on the Canadian dance music show Electric Circus, where she performed the brilliant track "Tonight". A couple years later she returned to Electric Circus to perform "U The Man", the first track off of this album. The song, and the rest of the album, had a more R&B flavour than "Tonight", but also included many pop and dance moments (and she even raps!). I'd compare it to Rhythm Nation-era Janet. Michelle grew up in Trinidad, and after high school joined some local bands like Paradise and Taxi, utilizing her classical piano playing skills as a keyboardist and backing vocalist.  After meeting Francis 'S-Sky' Escayg, they formed RF Jam and headed to Toronto, hoping the Canadian market would be easier to break into.  RF Jam only managed to released one single, "Meet Me On Level 2," before they broke up, but Escayg soon began remixing and producing several acts, using the moniker Bobby Blade, including Isle postees Sheree JeacockeNancy Martinez, and Sisi & The Beat, which Michelle also worked on.  He then focused on Michelle and they recorded "Tonight".  They then began work on the album.  Alas, due to her mother's illness, Michelle abandoned her pop dreams for some time, releasing only one other single, "Cryin' Over You", a euro-house number. But I am thrilled to say she is back, recording with her husband as Laidman (also her new last name). Check out their website. She's looking more fabulous than ever, and the music they are working on is equally fab. She has a unique voice that is thrilling to hear once again, and the future promises to be bright for her. Plus she's a sweetheart to boot! Show some love for a deserving diva!

Video for U The Man

Download Cheatin' Game

U The Man
Cheatin' Game
Everybody Wants To Break A Heart
Deja Vu
Watch Over Me
Here Without You


  1. Cryin Over You is a fantastic song, one of my all time favorites from that era. I've been trying to find a copy for years now with no success.

  2. Well, you should contact Michelle on Facebook and perhaps she can hook you up! I'll inform her of your request...

  3. Reupload please???