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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ms. Adventures – Ms. Adventures (1990)

Ms. Adventures were Kindra, Charity and Amy Morriss, a trio of young, pretty, blonde & Christian sisters set to take the pop world by storm. After signing on with a major label and hooking up with a slew of hot pop producers, the girls released their first single, “Undeniable”. Produced by the infamous Arthur Baker, the song presented the girls with a funky dance pop sound. The accompanying video was steamy, featuring a young David Charvet as the lust object. With the right song, looks and video, the girls had it made. Only, the song barely entered the charts. And the accompanying album really got no play. Which is once again a huge shame, as this album is HOT. It’s funkier than would be expected, thanks to happening R&B-pop producers like Darryl Duncan, Kenny Harris, Andy Tripoli and Rhett Lawrence. But the icing on the cake is the three tracks produced by Elliot Wolff, Paula Abdul’s best producer (especially “Don't Lead Me On” and “Mr. Heartbreak”). The ballad “As Long As I’m With You” was also released as a single, but no one cared. Perhaps the girls were too “whitebread” for the music they were making. While the group faded, Amy did go on to record two fairly successful gospel albums. If you’re into that kind of thing and like this album, check her solo stuff out.

Video for Undeniable

Download Ms. Adventures

If The Shoe Fits
Everybody Else's Lover
As Long As I'm With You
Heat Of The Night
Mr. Heartbreak
Don't Lead Me On
All Dressed Up


  1. track 10 couldn't unzip... said it was corrupted... has it happened to anyone else?
    A shame I wanted to hear the full album :(

  2. can you please send me a copy of the song As Long As I'm With You... i've been dying to have that song... please send it to my email I will really appreciate that.. thank you in advance... i'll try to download the album still... thanks.

  3. Hey bluebearfrancis - were you able to download the album? If not, I'll send you the track itself (though you might as well have the whole album!)

  4. i already downloaded the full album and everything is working fine.... thank you so much... I also downloaded Jaya... i have her albums here in the Philippines. I'll find ways to share it to you. Thanks.

  5. I HAVE this CD! I actually stole it when I was about 14 (1989) from a discount store in Australia and have never known a single thing about who they were, I played this album to death when I was a teenager, especially love Don't Lead Me On/Mr Heartbreak/If The Shoe Fits but the ballads were awful!

  6. I had been longing to hear "As Long As I'm With You" for more than 18 years now! I remember listening to it on an AC station in Costa Rica in 1990-91. I remember calling the station and asked what was the name of the group and they said it was Aswad (maybe they had played an Aswad song that year. Years later as I had access to the internet of course I found out that Aswad was a reggae group, so I had no clue as to where I would find "As Long As I'm With You." But I did today and I'm super happy! Thanks for your amazing job of sharing these hard-to-find albums!!

  7. where are they now