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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sasha - All Or Nothing (1993)

Sasha is yet another one-named artist who released one album with no fanfare, had one single that got some play in the clubs and then disappeared apparently without a trace. The album was created at the time of the bhangra music semi-craze in the UK. It was when people were jonesing for something with a more worldly flavour, and Indian-influenced pop and hip hop music became popular for a brief time, thanks to artists like Punjabi MC. Sasha's voice is pure girl pop, but the music includes not only bhangra and pop influences, but house, reggae and hip-hop as well. Her single "People Of The World" was a dance semi-hit in it's remixed form, which made it a trance anthem that was no doubt a hit at raves. But nothing else of note emerged off the album, and her small record label apparently spent no money on publicity, so the artist and album faded into obscurity. The album is an interesting footnote to experimentation in pop music, though, and the whole bhangra style has stayed around, most notably in the work of hip hop producers like Timbaland.

Download All Or Nothing

All That I Do
Wonderful World Beautiful People
Straight From Heaven
People Of The World (Bhangra Mix)
All Or Nothing
Here Comes The Hindustanis
Hold Me
So High

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