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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Acid Test - Drop (1993)

Acid Test was a Canadian group fronted by singer and bassist Lucy Di Santo and signed to Sire Records. They were certainly leftfield in terms of pop music. Their music incorporated everything from techno to industrial to house to alt-rock, and of course pure pop runs through it. There is an undeniable groove throughout the album. Such a hodge-podge of styles was certainly not guaranteed to make Acid Test pop stars, but they did manage to get their tracks on a couple soundtracks, and they had considerable hype in the US, which was a huge feat for a Canadian band at the time, especially one fronted by a woman. The hype didn't amount to much, unfortunately, and they broke up. Lucy has since fronted other bands like LEI and Innerstate, so her talent has not been wasted. And the sound that Acid Test created would become more finely honed and widely popular a couple years later thanks to Garbage and the many groups that cloned them.

UPDATE:  Thanks to James Bonisteel, you can now read an interview he did with the band in 1993 for RAD Cyberzine!  Thanks James!  

Download Drop

I've Been
Mr. Skin
Push On
Song (Don't Believe Him)
Dirty Back Road
Touch Me
Trip On This


  1. I work for a music magazine called RAD Cyberzine. We interviewed Acid Test back in 1993 and I wanted to share to the rest of the world the interview. View it at:

  2. It would be nice if James could fix the poor grammar in the interview he noted above, out of respect to the band and its readers or fans. It seems to read like a lot of misquotes due to the interviewer not being able to understand perhaps his/her taped interview, just makes the band seem 'off'. This is what can happen when a band is quickly interviewed after being pumped up from a show. I enjoyed it though, but hard to understand.Fix please!

  3. I have always loved this album but my 20 year old cd is scratched to shit. I can not begin to thank you enough for the download. You rock.

  4. Acid Test has reformed and is in preproduction ahead of recording its 3rd studio album.
    A documentary of the recording and a website will be announced soon. Stay tuned.....