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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dee Dee Brave - Dee Dee Brave Album (1991)

It's time to feature some of our house music sisters who didn't get as much play as the likes of Crystal Waters, Ce Ce Peniston or even Robin S. Nothing much can be found on Dee Dee Brave, other than that her real name is Holly Simpson, but I do know this album is considered quite rare and is coveted by many, if the requests I've received for it from Discogs are any indication. It is produced by house god Kerri Chandler (who also produced the one and only album by female house duo Bas Noir). The song "My My Lover" was beloved in the clubs, especially in the UK, I'm told, as was her ode to the producer himself, "For Kerri". Though the singles "So Many Roads," "Can't Get Over It" and "There Is So Much" were released in the clubs to some success, the woman herself kept a low profile. Where she is now is anyone's guess, though she does still pop up in some of Kerri's work as well as songs by others as a featured vocalist. She has an awesome soulful voice that really should be appreciated more.

Download Dee Dee Brave Album

Over & Over
Bye Bye Love
Here We Stand
There Is So Much
Can't Get Over It
So Many Roads (Will You Lose)
Definition Of Comfort
For Kerri
Feel The Breeze


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I've been trying to get my little paws on this album for years.

  2. Pure diamond !!! Brilliant !!! :)