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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Melky Sedeck - Sister & Brother (1999)

If it wasn't for nepotism, we would not have 'superstars' like Janet Jackson or Ashlee Simpson. And when your relative happens to be a superstar producer and performer coming off a wave of success, all the better. Melky and Sedeck were the younger siblings of Wyclef Jean of the Fugees. When the Fugees broke up in the late 90s, Wyclef went on a successful creative spree of solo work and collaborations, so it makes sense that major labels would want to snap up anything associated with him. The duo first appeared as Milky & Day on the Love Jones soundtrack with the Refugee Camp Allstars. That same year they appeared on the track "Bubblegoose" off of Wyclef's debut The Carnival. A label war ensued and they were finally signed to MCA. Though Wyclef's influence can be felt on the album, it was produced by his associate Shawn King. The album is not unlike the Fugees, except with mainly singing instead of rapping and perhaps a bit more of a left-field slant. The song "Attraction", which didn't end up on the album, was released as a promo with the B-side "Raw", which would become their first official single release. "Raw" got some media attention, but failed to do much damage on the charts. They did tour with Lilith Fair that year, however. But aside from a promo single of their remake of Lulu's "To Sir, With Love", nothing else was released from the album, indicating that MCA was no longer interested in promoting them, likely because they failed to meet the major expectations the label had for their success. (Be sure to listen to the 'hidden track' "Tragedy", as it uses huge portions of Milli Vanilli's "Girl, I'm Gonna Miss You"!) Being related to Wyclef ensured that they would not fade away entirely, however, and the following year they popped up on his single "It Doesn't Matter" (also featuring The Rock!) and the soundtracks to The Hurricane and HBO's Disappearing Acts. In 2001 they tried one more time with the release of the track "Kitty Kat World", but there was no new music after that. They have apparently kept busy since working with Wyclef on his music and on tour, and they will likely be employed as such for some time to come.

Download Sister & Brother

Shake It

Foolish Heart

To Sir, With Love

Light My Fire

Mi Amor


In Time

Easy Slow Down

#1 Guy


Raw Phase II Attraction

High Heel Shoes





  1. I loved this rarity music blog. Could you publish the album "boomtang boys - greatest hits"?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks for posting. I have the American version of the album, which has the songs "Attraction" and "Lady," but is missing "Light My Fire," "Easy Slow Down," "Raw Phase II Attraction," and "Tragedy."

  3. Hello, could you please the Melky Sedeck album? You have the rare extended version with the extra tracks!

    1. Thank you for the speedy response Nasty G!! Much appreciated!! You must be the only person in the world with this album haha (before you posted it, that is)