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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giant Steps - The Book Of Pride (1988)

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Isle visitor Adriana, I have some more tasty pop treasures to share with you all. Thanks a ton Adriana, you're awesome and we're forever grateful!! The first (and my fave) is Giant Steps, the duo of singer Colin Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane, who started out it the late 1970s as The Quick. They met in California but started playing together when they returned to their native England, where they were signed by Epic. Despite being white Brits, their sound was very straight-forward funk, with a touch of New Wave. Their song "Hip Shake Jerk" became a hit in Australia in 1981, and the album was rushed out there. The album was remixed and released in other countries under different names the following year, and the song "Zulu" became a dance hit in the US. They also had another hit in Australia, "Rhythm Of The Jungle". They released two more albums, International Thing in 1984 and Wah Wah (now on A&M Records) in 1986, but their success dwindled. Though most people would think that would be the end of them, they reinvented themselves as Giant Steps in 1988, and remained on A&M. Their sound was still very funky, but a lot smoother and poppier. You could describe them as a more accessible Scritti Politti, or a smoother Go West (who Campsie worked with, incidentally). And they smoothed out their image as well. Obviously this transformation worked, as their first single, "Another Lover", hit the Billboard top 40 at #13, and their next single, "Into You", almost hit the top 50. They also released the title track as their third single. Despite their success, however, the duo split for unknown reasons. Along the way they were also sought after songwriters and producers for the likes of Endgames, Simon F., Deon Estus and Haywoode (they produced her hits "Roses" and "I Can't Let You Go"), and after they split they both continued as songwriters and producers. McFarlane had great success producing Gabrielle, while Campsie worked with Natalie Imbruglia and Hepburn, and married pop diva Beverley Craven, who recently released an album on his indie label, Campsie Music Ltd..

Video for Another Lover

Video for Into You

Download The Book Of Pride

(The World Don't Need) Another Lover
Into You
Golden Hours (Bone)
Do You Still Care
Same Planet Different World
The Book Of Pride
End Of The War
Dance Away
Dream Wonderful

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  1. Ahhhhhhh thank you very very much!!!! Hugs from MÉXICO!!