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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NightCat - NightCat (1991)

Last month I posted the maxi-single of the track "#1 House Rule" by NightCat on my sister blog Lost Pop Treasures. Until I did research on the song, I thought it was just another one-off pop-house track by some unknown pop tart. Well, while she may have remained relatively unknown, I discovered that NightCat had a very interesting story indeed. And that she had an album that I needed ASAP! Well thanks to blog fan Sarah, I now have it! And so do you! And it is better than I'd hoped, as I was mislead to believe that it was a rock album (partly due to the cover), but it's pure up dance pop, with traces of house and freestyle, a la artists like Pajama Party and Isle postee Jaya, who was on the same label as NightCat, Lefrak-Moelis. Anyway, since I don't have a lot of time to compose a proper new entry for this, I'm going to reprint some of my write up from Lost Pop Treasures:

"You just never know what you're going to find out about these artists! I thought this was just a random one off single by some pop tart, but instead Nightcat was a creation of Marvel Comics! Marvel creator Stan Lee wanted to develop a female superhero who crossed over into the real world. Like Dazzler, this hero was also a rock singer. So they released an issue of the Nightcat comic book and hired actress/singer Jacqueline Tavarez to embody Nightcat in real life. They recorded an entire album simply titled Nightcat. "#1 House Rule" was the only single. Both the comic and album bombed and Jacqueline was fired, she claims because she appeared in a music video by Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher's ex-lover Joey Buttafuoco!! She has since appeared nude in the film Tromeo And Juliet and that's about it. (UPDATE: Apparently she now goes by the name Jacqueline Love and poses on Naked. com. Thanks to DJAaron for this info!) For more on the Nightcat story, go HERE. I would have died for this had I known it existed back in the day, as I was both a music and comic book fiend!"

And I am dying for it now! I know you'll all love this album, so download it and give thanks to Sarah for sharing it. You've made my day! :)

Download NightCat

#1 House Rule

Let Me Be Your Only Girl

If You Love Me

I've Finally Found Someone

Don't Change

Say You'll Be Mine

In The Night Time

Your Love Is All I Need

Hang On To Your Loving


  1. This one is new to me and in actual fact, I am actually buying the original. Awesome beats!!!!

    Thanks so very much Nasty G

  2. Hi I stumbled upon your blog looking foe the Candi cds thanks for those , thought you might be able to dig these up they are both Canadian .Chantal s/t the cd with A little Lovin on it and One To One - 1-2-1 and Imagine It .I have searched and could not find these

  3. Funny enough, I just got the Chantal album this week and will be posting it soon along with her first album! And I do have Imagine It somewhere - if I can find it I'll post it someday. ;)

  4. You just made my WEEK! Thank you!

  5. The download links seem to have there any chance of reuploading this travest——er, multimedia classic?