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Friday, February 25, 2011

The 28th St. Crew - I Need A Rhythm (1989)

Sometimes I enjoy featuring an album that I don't have to do much research on, as it can take hours to compile info on some of the artists featured here! Though you may not be familiar with the name The 28th St. Crew, you definitely know the men behind the group: Robert Clivillés and David Cole. Before they formed C+C Music Factory, they were known as very sought after producers and remixers, but not as artists in their own right. They did release a couple of singles as part of '2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman & A Dominican', with David Morales and Chep Nuñez, most notably "Do It Properly". But they soon decided to create their own 'group' The 28th St. Crew, named after the New York street that they were based from. They were credited as 'The Done Properly Posse!' on production, named after their previous hit. Their first single as The 28th St. Crew was "I Need A Rhythm". It was essentially a combination of three popular house songs of the time: Jomanda's "Make My Body Rock", Maurice's "This Is Acid" and Adeva's version of the Aretha Franklin classic "Respect". The song was so popular, as was their work with girl group Seduction, that they recorded an entire album for Vendetta Records. The album followed the single's lead and was a house trip all the way, utilizing many samples and various vocalists. No other single was issued from the album, but this was likely due to the fact that they had formed C+C Music Factory and were prepping material for that album. The styles that they would utilize for their C+C sound emerged on this album but were polished to a poppier gloss for that act. And of course we all know how successful their work as C+C Music Factory was. They did release another single, "O", using The 28th Street Crew moniker in 1994, but unfortunately David Cole passed away soon after due to spinal meningitis, and the name died with him. Robert Clivillés continued the C+C Music Factory for one more album after that and then retired that as well. He remains active in the music industry, and you can follow his goings on and get more info on his history on his Myspace page as well as the page for C+C Music Factory.

Download I Need A Rhythm

I Need A Rhythm
Inch By Inch
Steppin' Out
Get It Up
Where's The Party
It's In The Groove (No Games)
Pump It Up (Let's Groove)
Sex On The Dance Floor (LP Version)


  1. Adeva didnt cover Aretha 'Respect' it was Otis Redding 'Respect'. Great site by the way.

  2. I know it wasn't Aretha's original, but hers was the version that was a big hit and that everyone knows, and was also from a female's point of view, which is why I mentioned her and not Otis. ;) And thanks!

  3. How do I get my hands on the album? I had it in high school on tape. Someone stool it. Tried to find in cd but couldn't then gave up. I need to download this whole album!!

    1. Do you mean that you want the actual CD or just the songs? The link above is still working. ;)

    2. Finally got it to work. Thanks!!!