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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saché - Are You Attracted To Me (1987)

Thanks to the magical Lumel, I can now share with you the only album by girl group Saché. I originally bought this cassette for $1 when on a trip to the US based on the group name and cover alone. As I had just received my first CD player and had also bought numerous cheap CDs while on this trip, I barely gave this cassette a listen since I was slowly converting my cassettes to CDs and the cassettes were being relegated to boxes in the back of my closet. The only song I remember really liking off of this album was the poppy, freestylish "All Over", but even that was soon forgotten. I had heard nothing about this group before or after I bought the cassette. So I didn't have much hope locating MP3s of the album until Lumel spotted the album on my 'wanted' list and sent it to me! I have no idea where he finds this stuff but I am grateful he does. And you will be too, as the album is far better than I originally gave it credit. Thanks to the production, mainly by Keg Johnson and Wilmer Raglin, who had also worked with 80s funk acts like The Sylvers, Krystol, Levert and Body, the album is a funky dance-pop joy. The ladies released two singles - the title track, which is a ballad, and the mid-tempo "Help Me To Get Over The Hurt". If you ask me, they would have done much better releasing one of the more upbeat numbers. Whatever the case, they came and went without a trace. All I know about them is that their names were Tamara, Brooke and Cathy. Anyone else out there able to help with the details? :)

Download Are You Attracted To Me

Are You Attracted To Me
Help Me To Get Over The Hurt
Just One Little Kiss
All Over Again
Boys Will Be Boys
Constant Motion
Lover Boy
Nice Girls
Something Crazy Like That


  1. ah, i'll buy this tomorrow. u shouldn't reup this hehe

  2. Great post! I also bought this on cassette in the 80's. Also like your copy, mine got relegated to the garage with the rest of my cassettes and forgotten. Sadly, I have nothing new to tell you that isn't already posted above. My favorite tracks were "All Over Again" and "Constant Motion".

  3. Are you able to reupload this one?