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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Times 3 - Times 3 (1991)

So here we have a request from Micky G (which also helps fulfill the requests for more new jack swing here). I had the Times 3 album on cassette and remembered quite enjoying it, so when he asked I found the CD on Amazon and ordered away. It is deeply entrenched in the new jack swing sound, though to my ear it is a bit poppier in parts. The group itself is yet another of those for which no information exists on the internet (yet). All I can tell you is that it consisted of LaShana Denoy (who is said to be a former choreographer for MC Hammer), Keesha Hollier (who is indicated as a former "NWA rapper", though I find that hard to believe) and Stephanie Bell. They were on the Solar label, and were produced by relative unknowns. Their song "Typical Relationship" appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Deep Cover and became their best known track, though it didn't exactly set the charts on fire. They also released their cover of the Emotions disco hit "Best Of My Love" as a single, though it too wasn't a hit. Vocally they had all of the right elements, and the album was a good mix of ballads and upbeat numbers, including quite a bit of rap and even a hip-house track. The sampledelic song "Time To Get Loose" even includes a sample from my fave song ever, Sweet Sensation's "Take It While It's Hot"! But the ladies came out at a time when there were many female "new jill swing" groups, and they just didn't possess an angle to make them stand out. Also, it likely didn't help that their label Solar was nearing the end of it's success, and promotion was minimal. So once again I ask, what became of these ladies? If anyone out there knows, please share. Until then, enjoy a curio from the glory days of new jack swing.

UPDATE: Keesha from Times 3 wrote me the other day and helped to fill in some of the mystery around the group!  She promised to send a more detailed history, but here's what she wrote so far.  Thanks Keesha!  We're thrilled! 

"As you can see, throughout the years the lot of female trios groups etc. is failing horribly. Females can be challenging. Lashana only went on tour with Hammer after we opened up for the Hammer, TLC and Boys II Men show. It was a great opportunity since as a little girl she was on Different Strokes and a few other sitcoms as an extra and is a great dancer. The whole group was her idea. It was not my life dream, however I don't regret the chance or blessing to meet or be a part of the era. Here's an extra: You may not know we are the voice on Michel'le's 'Something In My Heart' as well as 'Never Been In Love' and 'Close To Me' on her album. Easy E actually paid us our first paycheck before we signed with Solar/Epic. We are also the background on 'Who Am I, What's My Name' by Snoop Dogg . Listen closely that is Lashana on the 'doggy dog doggy dog' riffs at the end. Da da da da dah! It was a fun ride great and experience... It may take me a bit to get back to you - if you have any particular questions let me know. Oh yeah, and 'Typical Relationship' - the rap was based on a guy, produced by the group Troop's producers - the song they had was 'Mamacita' - also for our era. Peace!"

Video for Typical Relationship

Download Times 3

3 Bad Sistas
Best Of My Love
Typical Relationship
Don't Give Up
Love Will Find Its Way
Time To Get Loose
Dance, Do You Wanna
Good Lovin'
Make Up Your Mind
Until You
Hip House (Everybody's Movin')
Gentle Love
Only You


  1. Hi first of all thank you for this fantastic journey into shady times of music. I have a request for "Vibrazioni Productions" albums. I think it fits to the blog's concept, they had done a big hit in 90s (with the song Too Much) then lost.


  3. Can you please re-up this album. Thanks. BTW I just picked it up on vinyl for $2.00. :)

  4. According to a comment I received from Stephanie Bell's mother on my blog entry of Times 3, this is what she had to say about her daughter:

    "My child, Stephanie Bell, is alive and well singing for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! She realized that her destiny was not in making record/albums, but rather in making melody for her Savior! She is happily married to a wonderful man, and has two awesome sons!"

  5. Times 3-Times 3 (1991)
    you could regularisar you to download . the link to be down
    link off help thanks

  6. Hi man! Please reup, thanks many times to yuh..