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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Edge - On Edge (1994)

Keeping with the new 'jill' swing theme, here is another of the lesser known girl groups that embodied the sound. On Edge consisted of Tha Rhythum, ShaBop and Jasz, whose real names were Charlotte Crooms, Amica Johnson and Schveka Brown. They apparently came from Michigan and were lucky enough to be signed to Motown. Their sound ventured more to the soul and slow jam side of the new jack swing sound, thanks to production mostly from Kayo, who had worked with other R&B stars like Pebbles, The Boys, After 7, Johnny Gill, Damian Dame and TLC. They released the ballad "Edge Of My Bed", but it didn't hit anywhere other than the lower ends of the R&B charts. As a result, like Times 3, they seemed to get lost in the sea of R&B girl groups, which, especially during On Edge's time, were popping up every week. A promo was released for their more upbeat remake of Stevie Wonder's "Maybe Your Baby", but nothing came of it. It's likely they were dropped soon after. They disappeared until Tha Rhythum (Charlotte Crooms), who was the rapper of the group, appeared again in 1998 on the indie hip hop label Benz, which was headed by rap legend MC Shy D. Shy D also produced and appeared on her album, Against The Odds, but despite several singles being released, her solo work failed to make an impression. Since then it's anyone's guess what all three ladies have been up to, though very recently Schveka Brown appeared on Sam Sneed's song "Uncle Sam", so clearly they all haven't given up on the music scene. (She is also on Facebook as Schveka Cooper Stroman should you be interested in seeking her out and asking her what's up. ;)

Video for Edge Of My Bed

Download On Edge

Edge Of My Bed
My Mind Is Naked
Don't Go Ho
Would You Lie To Me
Black Berry Juice (Interlude)
Life On The Edge
Maybe Your Baby
Anythang U Want
69 Ways
Black Berry Juice (Outrolude)


  1. Hello, you can re-up this album please??

  2. Charlotte Crooms (The Rhythum) is from the Atlanta, Georgia area. More specifically, College Park, Georgia. These days, she is the owner of a dance studio in that area. You can also find her on Facebook by searching "Charlotte Crooms"

    She is related to Michael Crooms, AKA Mr. Collipark. He is a hip hop producer who has worked with artists like Jamie Foxx, Trick Daddy, Ying Yang Twins, David Banner, etc.
    I believe he is either her brother or cousin.