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Friday, July 22, 2011

Burrell - Burrell (1988)

Here is another album that I only had on vinyl until last week, when I realized that I needed the CD. I first heard of Burrell back in the 80s when I saw the video to their song "I Really Like". I instantly fell in love, but heard nothing else from them and forgot about them until I saw the vinyl of their album many years ago. Luckily there were more great house songs on it. Rheji & Rhano (aka Ronald) Burrell are identical twin brothers who were born and raised in New Jersey. In their early teens they were part of a gospel group, Inner Spirit. Their local success with this group, as well as their burgeoning technical skills, led to a recording contract with Virgin. They wrote and produced most of their debut, along with some help from R&B and house artist and producer Terry Burrus. The album was a mix of uptempo house songs and R&B ballads. Their first single was the awesome "I Really Like", an upbeat house track. It had some dance club success and was followed up by the more R&B flavoured "I'll Wait For You (Take Your Time)". But it was the third single, "Put Your Trust In The Music", released the following year, that is likely their best known and loved track. It too is a pumping house track. At the same time, Ronald was getting into producing and produced the first two singles by previous Isle postees Bas Noir. Those tracks, "My Love Is Magic" and "I'm Glad You Came To Me", were also house tracks and were far bigger hits than the Burrell singles. This in part led to the Burrell brothers turning their backs on being artists and focusing more on production. With their associates Frank and Karen Mendez they even started a label, Nu Groove, to release Burrell material. Over the next few years, the brothers, especially Ronald, were behind most of the label's output, which was primarily deep house. Ronald also produced some tracks for previous Isle postee Ceybil Jefferies. They also released a few tracks as artists again, under the names B.M.E. (Burrell Music Enterprises), BME Project, and A.B.T. (A Burrell Thang). In the late 90s Rheji got more involved in production, but while Ronald was mostly a house producer, Rheji concentrated on R&B and produced acts like Aaliyah, Total, Monifah and Yvette Michelle. They have remained active in the music scene, writing, producing and remixing mostly for indie artists, and run Burrell Brothers Entertainment. (And on a side note, they should not be confused with the boxing Burrell Brothers, who are also identical twins born in New York State. ;)

Video for I Really Like

Download Burrell

Trust In The Music
I'll Wait For You (Take Your Time)
I Really Like
Gonna Make You Dance
Dominate Me
Let Me Love You Tonight
No Greater Love
One And Only Lady


  1. Wow, two quick posts in a row! Thanks for posting stuff from artists I had never heard of before. Great stuff!