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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boston Dawn - Something Serious (1991)

Here is another album recommended by Seth. He was going to send me a link to download, but once I got a listen to Boston Dawn, I knew I had to have the CD itself and ordered it immediately! Thanks for the recommendation Seth! And for the first time in awhile, I'm featuring an artist who has next to no info available on the internet. I do know that her full name is Dawn Deegan, and I can only assume that she was from Boston. LOL Other than that, I have no idea how her career began and what happened after this album failed to ignite the charts. I can tell you that she is now, like a few other Isle postees, a real estate agent in Florida. At some point she got a record deal with California indie label Outpost Entertainment Company. She released her first single, "We Can Have It All", under her real name in 1988. Though it had little impact on the charts, she managed to release a second single the following year, "I Hope She Breaks Your Heart", using the catchier name Boston Dawn (oddly the song was her only single not included on her album. You can download it HERE). Both songs were freestyle, and the second single had a bit more chart impact locally. For her third single she released "Playtoy". The song was more R&B flavoured, and oddly was recorded by another artist the same year for the same label and with the same production crew and musicians. Mexican singer Carmin had a minor hit with "Playtoy" on the Billboard R&B charts and was the first Mexican woman to do so. Boston Dawn's version went unnoticed, but she released yet another single in 1990, "Something Serious", which was much more mainstream dance-pop. Finally an album was released the following year on another Californian indie label, American Sound Recordings. Only one further single was released, a slowed down remake of the Shirelles' "Soldier Boy", which was a tribute to the soldiers fighting the Gulf War. After that it appears Boston Dawn gave up on the pursuit of a career in music, wisely moving to an occupation that was much more profitable.

Download Something Serious

Something Serious
Soldier Boy
Guardian Angel
You Kill Me
City Soul
We Can Have It All
I Freak For You
I Like Music
Something Serious (Edit)


  1. I was afraid to try it...but im going to give it a try.

  2. For some reason the cover art attracted me, then the song titles so I'm very glad you gave it a review - I'll be downloading it myself after I finish burning something.

  3. I bought this CD for $3.99 CAD in a bargain bin, a few years after its release, and rather enjoyed the title track, although I don't recall enjoying the rest of the album.

  4. I bought this CD as well as a bargain and I must say only two songs didn't impress me.

    Thanks for revealing this one.

  5. Wow, I've wondered about this for years, never knew she was freestyle! I can't believe there's nothing about her on Youtube...visitors to this page may also be interested in Lori Ruso's Show Off album, particularly the ballad "I'm gonna be"

  6. Honestly, I wondered about this project for YEARS and finally bought it online. I almost gave it a bad review until the 2nd listen. Now I'm in love with it. Good beats, good dance flavor. She's a good singer. Upon first listen, I just didn't think that her voice was suited for this style. But I started excercising to it and it really works. "City Soul" reminds me of "Harden My Heart" by Quarterflash.

  7. It's me again the anonymous commenter from November. I cherish the CD even more now and would never want to get rid of it.

  8. Its dead again, can you reupload please, and you are the only source ever on internet it seems

  9. I hate to bug you about this post again, but would you mind doing a re-up again?

    As a pre-emptive thanks, I put a bunch of stuff out on my blog this week you'll probably enjoy. I also put out the lone album by The Superiors (1990) last week:

    1. No prob. It's been reupped. Nice blog, BTW.

    2. Thanks, Nasty! And backatcha -- I can't tell you all the great stuff I've discovered (or rediscovered) on your blog!