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Friday, February 17, 2012

Altitude - Private Parts (1991)

Altitude were an R&B threesome from the US. For the most part, like many artists on the Isle, they remain an enigma. Clearly they were formed at some point in the early 1990s, brought together from various US states: Terrah Smith from New York, Pamela Baker from Michigan, and Tamela Gibbs from California. They worked with a variety of producers on their album, some of whom had worked with artists like Karyn White and Shanice. Their most notable producer (for this blog at least) was previous Isle postee Bernadette Cooper, member of funk girl band Klymaxx, as well as producer of previous Isle postee Alisa Randolph. She produced two tracks, "Silly" and "One Man". The album, released on RCA sublabel Bahai Entertainment, was a mix of new jack swing, like the first single "Work It (Like A) 9 To 5", ballads and dance-funk. "Work It (Like A) 9 To 5" managed to creep into the top 40 of the Billboard R&B chart, while it's follow-up, Cooper's "Silly", only managed to reach #75 on that chart. Their third single, the ballad "If You Believe" didn't chart at all and it would appear the group disbanded soon after. While I can find no recent info on Pamela or Tamela, it seems that Terrah remained active in the entertainment industry as a songwriter, stage and television actress, and even a director, of videos, stage productions and films, such as Flip The Script. She also runs her own production company with her husband, Bennett Five Entertainment, Inc, and also runs the Youth Empowered Through Arts program in Los Angeles, which encourages children to pursue the arts. Clearly her time in Altitude was just a means to an even greater end.

Video for Work It (Like A) 9 To 5

Download Private Parts

In My Mind
I'm Ready
Private Parts
Someone Like You
Work It (Like A) 9 To 5
One Man
Vital Signs
I Can't Resist
If You Believe


  1. thanks for this post. i'd never heard of altitude, but ordered their album, on amazon & LOVE it.

  2. I had the cassette single for Work It Like a 9 to 5. I played it soooo much, the tape popped. Thanx for the post, cause I can look up the album on Amazon.

  3. this Album is off the hook! Can you reupload this album whenever you get a chance!