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Friday, February 3, 2012

Secret Life - Sole Purpose (1995)

The British group Secret Life began as producer/pianist Andy Throup and producer/guitarist Jim Di Salvo. They released the instrumental dance single "Spanish Lullabye" in 1991 on their own label. They soon added two more members, producer Charlton Antenbring and vocalist Paul Bryant. Together in 1992 they released the single "As Always" on indie Cowboy Records, a house remake of the Stevie Wonder classic. It climbed the UK charts to #45. Di Salvo left the group soon after and recorded throughout the rest of the 90s as part of dub-reggae acts Juggler (with Jason Carty), Bong Brothers and Salvo Jets. In 1993 the remaining members then released an original, the soulful "Love So Strong". It would be their biggest British hit, reaching #38 on the charts. This success led to their signing to Pulse-8 in the UK and Critique in the US for an eight album deal. With the label change, Antenbring left the group. Now a duo, they released two more house singles in 1994, "She Holds The Key" and "I Want You", both of which made it into the bottom end of the UK top 100, as well as a remixed version of "Love So Strong". Their only album debuted the following year and "Love So Strong" returned to the UK top 40 reaching one spot higher at #37, in large part due to new house remixes, most notably by Brothers In Rhythm. No other singles were released from the album, but in 1996 they released two more stand alone singles, "Vehicle" and "Love Love Love". Unfortunately Pulse-8 went bankrupt soon after and folded, preventing any other singles or albums from being released. Throup is said to have changed his name to Andrew Grainger and moved to the US to concentrate on being a lounge pianist. Bryant contributed guest vocals on a few tracks by other artists and is since believed to have left the music industry.

Video for Love So Strong

Video for As Always

Download Sole Purpose

Love So Strong (Single Version)
I Want You
Got To Have Your Love
Borrowed Time
Sweet Inspiration
She Holds The Key
As Always
Again & Again
46 Chromosomes
Love So Strong (Album Version)


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