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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adventures Of Stevie V - Adventures Of Stevie V (1990) & Satisfy Me (1993) DOUBLE POST!!

 It recently came to my attention that an act from the 1990's that I adored, Adventures Of Stevie V, released a second album.  I totally thought that they had only released one album and was thrilled to find out there was another, and when I saw some of the vocalists featured on it I had to have it ASAP.  After listening to it I realized that I MUST do a post on the group for y'all to enjoy.  The group was masterminded by Steve Vincent, a British producer and songwriter.  In the early 1980s he had been part of disco group Touchdown, who had a minor dance hit with "Ease Your Mind".  By the end of the decade he wanted to step into the spotlight and brought together singer Melody Washington and singer/songwriter Mick Walsh to form a semi-group, though Stevie was undoubtedly the act's core.  They signed to Mercury and their first single, "Dirty Cash (Money Talks)", was released at the end of 1989 and was indicative of the hip-house sound that was huge at the time, especially in the UK.  It became a massive hit in the UK, hitting #2 on the pop charts, and was also big in the US, where it was a #1 dance chart hit and also hit #25 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The album was then released and followed a very similar formula.  In the UK, "Body Language" was released as the second single, and it reached #29 on the pop charts.  "Jealousy" was released as the next single, and though it only hit #58 on the UK pop charts, it was their second hit in the US, hitting #2 on the dance charts and just squeaking into the Billboard Hot 100 at #95 in 1991.  But they ran out of steam with their last single from the album, "That's The Way It Is", which failed to chart anywhere.  The members went their separate ways, and that's where I thought their story ended.  But Stevie managed to score a European album deal with WEA in 1993 and brought together an impressive roster of soul singers to take vocal turns on the album.  While former back-up singers Selandra Wright and Beverlei Brown took over most of the vocals duties, Stevie managed to get disco/funk divas Thelma Houston and Gwen Guthrie on a track each, and Ruby Turner on two tracks. The result is a much more diverse sound, though firmly entrenched in house.  The singles "Paradise" (featuring Wright) and "Push 2 The Limit" (featuring Brown) were released, but failed to hit anywhere.  At the same time Stevie was recording as part of Music & Mystery with Billy Osborne, which featured disco and soul legend Gwen McCrae.  They would go on to produce the album Girlfriend's Boyfriend for her in 1996, and also produced the only album by Isle postee Gee Morris.  Vincent decided to leave production behind for the most part and became a teacher of music technology at Bedford College in England.  But "Dirty Cash" lived on, as remixes of the song popped up in 1997 and "Dirty Cash (Money Talks) '97" hit #69 on the British pop charts, as well as the top of several dance charts worldwide.  Another remix popped up in 2004, and the British group Liberty X covered it for their last album in 2005.  Then in 2009, grime artist Dizzee Rascal sampled the song extensively in his song "Dirtee Cash", which reached #10 on the British charts and which he performed in a mash-up with Florence And The Machine's "You Got The Love" at the BRIT Awards.  The mash-up was subsequently released as a single entitled "You Got The Dirtee Love" and entered the British charts at #2..

Video for Dirty Cash 

Video for Jealousy

Download Adventures Of Stevie V

1 Dirty Cash (Sold Out Mix)

2 Jealousy

3 That's The Way It Is

4 Butterfly Free

5 Indecision

6 Weekend

7 Body Language
8 Pride Before A Fall

9 Moments In Time
10 Hooked On The Groove
11 Forbidden Fruit

12 Sink Or Swim
13 Dirty Cash (Dime And Dollar Mix)

 Download Satisfy Me

1 Paradise / Love It
2 Push 2 The Limit / Wine Bar
3 Home
4 Reason Y
5 Satisfy Me / A.O.S.V. Song
6 Shame / Dance Master
7 Prisoner Of Ecstasy
8 Willing
9 Go Getter
10 Fire Of Life / Radio
11 Real Good Feeling


  1. Thanks for this. I didn't know either that there was a second album (and I had lost my copy of the first one years ago). So this was indeed a double treat!

  2. Appreciated! I been lookin ALL OVER for this :)

  3. The "Jealousy" link went to a video that was removed. Here's a new link.

  4. Thanks for this! Appreciated! I been lookin ALL

  5. Thanks for your music

  6. Hi..what happened to Melody Washington,she had a outstanding voice and hoped she'd gone solo?