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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boy Girl - Je T'aime (1991)

Thanks to the amazing eurodanceboy, I got my hands on the only album by Boy Girl.  (BTW, check out eurodanceboy's Youtube page.  He is a HUGE Canadian dance music fan and there are many gems there to discover, including tracks by many previous Isle postees). You may remember I mentioned the Boy Girl album in my Natasha post, when I discovered that she remade a few of the songs off of this album (which I had never heard of before), namely "Lust In Love-u-ssion", "You Turn Me On" and "What Can I Do".  I'm sure eurodanceboy could give you many more details, but what I could find out about the duo is that it consisted of Montreal-based Costanza Stocola and Jay Jay (last name unknown).  The album, which is a mix of pop-house and freestyle, was produced by Joe La Greca, who also produced Natasha and Pobi's albums, and Tony Stocola, obviously a relative of Costanza (another Stocola, Peter, mixed the album, and Denis LePage of Lime arranged it).  The title track was released as a single, but it was another single, "Don't You Want My Love", that got the attention of Canadian clubgoers.  Despite that attention, the album went largely unnoticed, as it was released on local label BGM and got little publicity.  The duo split, but they both carried on with dance music, mainly in the eurohouse genre.  Costanza released several singles under different monikers over the following years, including "I'm A Slave To The Rhythm" as Cossy Tanza and "Independence" as Cassy in 1993, and "Changes" as Costanza in 1997.  As Costanza she also released the album Vanishing in 1998 (now featured on the Isle), which included "Changes" and future single "Falling".  In the late 1990s, Jay Jay released several singles on various labels, including the originals "Do You Really Love Me" and "Don't Run Away", and remakes of Wham!'s "Careless Whisper" and Full Intention's "America (I Love America)".  Not sure what they're both up to now, but at least we have this incredibly fun and dancey album to remember them by.  And should you want higher quality versions of the songs, they are available on Amazon and several other online music outlets.

Download Je T'aime

1 Je T'aime (Radio Version)
2 You Turn Me On
3 Harbor Lights
4 Lust In Love-u-ssion
5 Baby I Do
6 I Just Need Your Love
7 You Make Me Lose Control
8 Je T'aime
9 Get Down
10 Don't You Want My Love
11 What Can I Do


  1. Any chance you could re-up this to a site like zippyshare instead of having to install that ilivid download manager? I did this once in the past and the software screwed up my computer and was impossible to get rid of. Thanks.