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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sari - Forever True (1993)

A couple of weeks ago Isle visitor Malik Jefferson inquired about an album called Forever True from 1993.  He failed to mention the artist, but I soon discovered that the artist was Sari.  I found a link to sample the album and after determining it was perfect for the Isle, I bought it for pennies on eBay.  Initially my search for info on the mysterious Sari came up empty.  However, luckily she co-wrote one of the songs on the album, "Faith", so when searching again today I found writing credits which included her last name Posner. Searching that name revealed that she later went by the moniker Bertha Blades (which she chose in honour of her grandmother).  The bio on Bertha Blades' website fails to mention her debut album Forever True, but it does reveal that she is from Brooklyn, New York, and toured NYC with her band.  She was discovered by a German music producer and moved to Germany to record, and also started her own production company.  In 2003 she moved to London and formed the writing and production duo The Lotus Effect with Australian producer Jack Guy.  They eventually migrated to Paris and recorded one album.  She continued to produce, write, record and perform in Europe until 2011, when she decided to return to New York to perform and record roots rock with the Bertha Blades Band.  While back in Paris to record the song "Toast To Freedom" with a host of other international artists for Amnesty International (which was released on May 3, 2012), "Bertha" got a call from blues guitarist Joe Louis Walker to join his touring band as a vocalist, and she is currently on tour with them.  In early October of 2012, Sari decided to revert to her real name of Sari Schorr, and she now has a website and Facebook page using that name, as well as a few recordings.  As for her long forgotten (both by the public and apparently Sari herself!) debut, it's a mix of dance-pop and ballads that showcase her classically trained voice.  It and a single, "You're All I Need Tonight", were released on indie Eagle Eye Records but went unnoticed.  But given her vocal training and apparent personal preference for jazz, blues and rock, it seems the course she is currently taking is a much better and more appropriate use of her vocal skills, and will ensure she is not overlooked again.

Download Forever True

1 Everywhere You Go There's A Beat
2 All The Tears That I Cry
3 My Rainbow Shoes
4 You're History
5 I Can't Let Go
6 The Right Kind Of Love
7 Faith
8 Take Me To Your Dreams Tonight
9 You're All I Need Tonight
10 Forever True


  1. I met Sari on several occasions in 1994/1995. She came to my radio station to promote her music. She has a great personality and in those days, resembled Meg Ryan. The single, "Faith", actually was a Top 30 Adult Contemporary charter.

    As you state above, she changed direction, several times, but seems to have found a home with singing the blues.

  2. I remember her. I was music director at a small radio station in Iowa when this album came out, and we played her single for awhile. She sent me a supposedly hand drawn thank you card that I still have.