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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yta Farrow - Neptune's Child (1991)

Thanks to Isle fan Nick, who has generously sent me multiple albums over the past couple of days, we can all enjoy another rare pop gem, the debut album by France's Yta Farrow! Yta's album stood out from the pack due to it's trash-pop goodness and I just had to share it,  with Nick's blessing of course.  I have never heard of Yta, but the limited info I got from Wikipedia tells us this:  She was born in Toulouse, and had a "passion for music".  She released a promotional single in 1985 called "Petrol", and in 1988 released the italo-disco single "Heartbeat" under the pseudonym I.T.A..  In 1990 she released another single as I.T.A. entitled "Don't Be Yourself".  The song was successful enough that she got an album deal with EastWest/Carrere and recorded an album using the new pseudonym Yta Farrow, a tribute to actress Mia Farrow (I could not find her real last name).  The song was included on the album and two other singles were released, "Make Life A Holiday" and a remake of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly (With His Song)".  The album is pure dance-pop, with some house elements, and her high-pitched voice is reminiscent of Italian freestyle diva Nocera.  The album's success led to a second album in 1993, Je Me Damne, this one almost entirely in French and more pop-rock based.  While the album was a critical success, it wasn't a commercial one and she was dropped from the label.  She reappeared in 1996 with the single "Je T'attendrai", which was from an aborted musical, and the following year released several French dance singles on Mercury Records, having her greatest success with the trancey "Le Monde Est Dans Tes Yeux".  In 1999 she appeared on German dance singer Blümchen's "Tu Es Mon Ile", and in 2005 she independently released a pop rock EP entitled Prophétie.  In 2008 she released a video for the song "My Hatred", a combination of dance and rock created with guitarist Damien Hervé, and apparently she worked on other songs with him, so chances are likely we'll be seeing more of Yta again soon.

Download Neptune's Child

1 Neptune's Child
2 Killing Me Softly (With His Song)
3 Innocent Souls
4 Come Back To Me
5 Can't Wait
6 Make Life A Holiday
7 Don't Be Yourself
8 I've Always Believed
9 Felix The Cat
10 I Never Dreamed
11 Move "The Final"

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