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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scandal'Us - Startin' Somethin' (2001)

I had considered posting Scandal'Us' only album some time ago but didn't, but a request from Enjoykitten put a fire under my ass, so here it is! ;)  Scandal'Us were the winners of the second season of the Australian Popstars television show.  The group consisted of Jason Bird, Daniela Scala, Tamara Jaber, Simon Dicham and Anna Belperio.  Like most contestants in the Popstars series, the five grew up exploring their love of music and dance, and most also went to school to pursue a career in something unrelated to music.  Popstars was their first step into the national spotlight.  After the five were chosen out of 36 finalists to be part of Scandal'Us, they quickly got to work on their debut album.  Their first single, "Me Myself & I", was a smash out of the gate, and like their predecessors in Australia's Popstars, Bardot, they debuted at #1 in Australia.  The song stayed at #1 for three weeks, which was an Australian record for a debut single.  Their album debuted at #2 on the Australian charts.  Despite this instant success, for some reason their next single, "Make Me Crazy", only managed to reach #30 on the charts.  Like most Popstars groups from around the world, they never got the chance to record a follow-up album, since they decided to split the following year.  Also like most of the winners of the Popstars series, the individual members have pretty much faded into obscurity since.  The member with the highest profile since is Tamara Jaber, as she released two singles in 2005 as Tamara, "Ooo Aah" and "Hard For Me", that both managed to reach the Australian Top 40.  In 2007 she formed the duo (originally a trio) Scarlett Belle with Reigan Derry, and they were signed in America to Def Jam Recordings and worked with several popular American artists.  In 2010 they released two singles that made the Australian Top 40, "Closure" and "Freak Tonight".  A third single, "Lover Boy", failed to chart and they split before an album could be released.  That same year Tamara appeared in Dancing With The Stars and was the runner up.  Tamara has been pursuing a solo career ever since and released an album on Cleopatra Records at the end of 2012 entitled Felt...Not Heard.  As for the rest, Jason Bird appeared on So You Think You Can Dance in 2010 and is a choreographer, Anna Belperio is part of a wedding band with her husband called Pearl, Daniela Scala pursues songwriting, and Simon Ditcham started his own swing band and now records as Some Egyptian

Video for Me Myself & I

Video for Make Me Crazy

Download Startin' Somethin'

1 Me Myself & I
2 History
3 Think Again
4 Make Me Crazy
5 Be That Way
6 You Bring Me Love
7 Startin' Somethin'
8 High On Your Love
9 Love You To (Be My Baby)
10 Hand On Your Heart
11 I'm Not Gonna Cry (Na Na Na)
12 Now That You're Gone

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  1. Do you happen to have any of Bardot’s albums at all? I’m trying to find them but they are nowhere online