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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Véronique Béliveau - Borderline (1987) & Véronique (1989) DOUBLE POST!!

Before there was Celine Dion, there was
Véronique Béliveau!  I have had several requests for Véronique's English albums over the years, and thanks to the always wonderful eurodanceboy, I now have them and can finally share them with you.  Véronique was born Nicole Monique in Montreal in the 1950s.  She began performing under the name Véronique Béliveau when she was 17, and was soon touring with French Canadian star Réne Simard.  She then took on several hosting and performing gigs on television in Quebec, and also acted in the film Parlez-nous D'amourShe released her first album, Prends-moi Comme Je Suis, in 1977.  Her next album, Véronique Béliveau, was released in 1980 and she finally had a hit in French Canada with "Aimer".  In 1983 she changed up her sound from balladry to pop rock and dance pop, and released Transit, which gave her her biggest French hit, "Je Suis Fidèle".  The song was a remake of Sheena Easton's "She's In Love (With Her Radio)", which is an appropriate choice as Véronique's voice, look and style were extremely similar to Sheena's.  After releasing several other successful singles, the album won the 1985 Pop Album Of The Year trophy at the Félix Awards, which is the Quebec equivalent of the Grammy's.  That same year she released the album Cover Girl (Cache Ton Coeur), and the title track was another big hit for her.  Her success led to her appearance on the Canadian Africa relief single "Tears Are Not Enough", and she was the only French chanteuse to be invited.  It was only natural that this success in French Canada would lead to a pursuit of fame in English Canada, and she began work on her first English album, Borderline, with producer John Dexter, who has produced other Isle postees like West End Girls and A Perfect Day.  Her first English single, "Make A Move On Me", managed to make a small impact.  Three more singles - "Borderline", "Love You Like A Fire" and "I Can't Help It" - were released to lesser success.  However, that same year she had another French hit with a duet with Marc Gabriel, "Jérusalem".  Her talents ended up attracting none other than Richard Carpenter, one half of 70's pop superstars The Carpenters.  Though he rarely ever worked with other artists, he decided to produce her next English language album.  The first single was the ballad "House Of Love", a remake of my fave song by Isle postee Maria Vidal.  The song attracted only minor attention, however.  The following year a last ditch effort was made for a hit, with the release of a hip hoppy remix of "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me", which was a remake of the song made most famous by Diana Ross & The Supremes with the Temptations.  It wasn't a hit for Véronique, however, and she has not released an album, in English OR French, ever since.  Though she has appeared in some musicals in France and has done occasional backing vocals since then, it is difficult to uncover what else Véronique has been up to recently, though I have a feeling eurodanceboy could fill us in, as he seems a huge fan.  Check out his Youtube page for many more Véronique performances and songs, as well as vids by many other Canadian acts, some whose albums he has generously shared with me and I may feature in the future.  (P.S. Please don't get this Véronique confused with the OTHER Veronique posted on the Isle. ;)

Live performance of Make A Move On Me

Live performance of Borderline

Live performance of Love You Like A Fire

Download Borderline

1 Do You Still Want Me
2 Borderline
3 I Can't Help It
4 I Can't Hold Back
5 Take A Chance
6 Make A Move On Me
7 Love You Like A Fire
8 What I Want
9 Lost In Love
Download Véronique

1 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
2 House Of Love
3 Just Another Dream
4 All My Tomorrows
5 I Want To Get Close To You
6 One Of Us
7 A Touch Of Paradise
8 Falling In Line
9 What Kind Of Love?
10 Angel In My Eyes
11 All Those Years Ago



  2. Hi thanks for this albums from the wonderful Veronique Béliveau. I wonder if you can post on your site her french album "Transit" who was released in 1983. It's a great album from her and her most popular. Thanks a lot if you can do something for me!!!

    1. Sorry, but I don't have Transit. :(


    3. Hi, could someone please reupload this link? Thanks

  3. i rip the vinyl soon for you;)


  4. Has Veronique influenced/inspired any people?? She seems kind of just like a normal singer