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Friday, May 30, 2014

Jacci McGhee ‎– Jacci McGhee (1992)

Jacci McGhee's brief time in the spotlight came as a result of being Keith Sweat's singing partner on his R&B hit "Make It Last Forever" in 1988.  Born in the Bronx, Jacci mostly did back-up vocals until Keith decided to feature her voice front and centre.  Despite the feature, Jacci went back to the background, mainly as vocal support for rock group Toto.  She did get another coup on the charts in 1989, singing the chorus to Salt-N-Pepa's second top 40 hit, "Expression".  It would be three more years before she would get a solo deal, when MCA signed her.  Her first single, the upbeat "Skeeza", was produced by Salt-N-Pepa's producer Herby Luv Bug and was a minor R&B hit.  It's follow-up, the ballad "It Hurts Me", was produced by Keith Sweat - as were a couple other songs on the album - and it climbed a little higher.  The final single was another upbeat number, "Something's On My Mind", but it didn't chart and she was dropped.  She was pregnant at the time and spent the next few years raising her child.  Then, in 1998, she joined funk/soul group The Family Stand, replacing their female vocalist Sandra St. Victor.  I personally loved that group and was happy to hear that she had joined.  They released only one album with Jacci, however, and after their single "You Don't Have To Worry" failed to generate interest, she split from the group. According to member Peter Lord, Jacci and he never saw eye to eye, as she was hoping to go in a more rock direction, likely stoked by her time with Toto.  Jacci again disappeared from the limelight, but about a year ago she left hints around the internet that she was working with a new act called "Billy Scott the band".  Not sure what, if anything, that band is up to, as nothing has emerged since, but it is good to know that Jacci is still at it.  Her one album displays a voice that definitely has a rock swagger and needs to be heard, and it shows her diversity over dance, soul and new jack swing tastiness. She was definitely head and shoulders above her contemporaries and deserved better.

Video for Skeeza

Video for It Hurts Me

Download Jacci McGhee

1 Something's On My Mind
2 It Hurts Me
3 Skeeza
4 Good Old Fashioned Love
5 The Closer I Get To You
6 What R U Gonna Do?
7 Been A Long Time
8 The Other Woman
9 Denied
10 That's How Much I Love You


  1. Jacci has an awesome voice I would
    Like her to do more music in the future
    Produced by someone that can appreciate her work. I know some is out there.

    1. I wished Keith Sweat would have produced more songs for her as well.

  2. Well..
    She has a beautiful voice and pray that God sends His best for her future singing endeavors..

  3. UPDATE: Jacci is performing with R/B live from New York to Tampa, Florida this spring season.March 31,2016 she will be in Charlotte, NC .The Venue is downtown, 3Rd floor of the Studio Grill building at 8:00.The Tampa, Floida performance is in April.Jacci has also been featured in a movie,as well as worked on new musical releases in Europe in 2015. God has truly blessed her with "the second chance". Look for more to come...follow her on instagram,twitter, and Facebook for more details and updates..keep her in your prayers...
    Poetic Touch