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Friday, May 9, 2014

MC Peaches - More Than Just A Pretty Face (1991)

It seems that 1991 was a banner year for female rappers on major labels, although ones that didn't quite hit with the mainstream.  On this blog alone we have featured Tam Tam, Missy Mist, Icy Blu, Tycie & Woody, and Princessa of Bingoboys, who all managed to release only one album, all in 1991.  The female rap boom at this time was obviously due to the late 80s success of acts like Salt 'N' Pepa, J.J. Fad, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, among others.  Every label wanted to have the next big lady of hip hop.  To that end, EastWest Records signed MC Peaches, a rapper from Brooklyn.  Previously she had released one single, the double-sided "Commin Straight Rollin Hard / Treat Her Like A Lady" in 1988.  The latter was produced by one of hip hop's heavyweights, King Of Chill, who had also produced MC Lyte, and rap duo Audio Two, and this association, along with Peaches' tough but feminine rap, garnered her respect in the hip hop community.  The same producers worked on her album, though the result was quite a bit less 'street' than her debut single.  The first and only single was "Every Breath You Take (Watching You)", which was obviously based on the pop hit by The Police. It was not a hit, and several other tracks utilized bits of other pop hits like John Waite's "Missing You", and Rose Royce's "Love Don't Live Here Anymore". The result was an album that was likely too pop for hip hop fans, and too hip hop for pop fans.  What became of Peaches after that is as mysterious as where she came from, since, like Tam Tam, there is virtually nothing about her on the internet, and it doesn't help that there are several other ladies of hip hop who use the moniker of Peaches.  MC Peaches, please hit us up if you see this and fill us in!

Download More Than Just A Pretty Face

1 She's Not Just Another Woman
2 More Than Just A Pretty Face
3 Every Breath You Take (Watching You)
4 Dope Is How It's Done
5 I'mma Let You Know
6 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
7 Fellas Gather Round
8 Good Thing
9 (This track has been removed from the download file thanks to a complaint regarding the copyright of the Queen song sampled)
10 Keep It In Your Pants, Tucked Away
11 I'm Not Missing You
12 Crowd Pleaser
13 Jo Ann - Outro