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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Patti Day - Love Crazy (1989)

Here we have a typical case of an artist who tried to capitalize on a pretty substantial dance hit with a full album. Unfortunately, that one hit did not make people run to the record store in droves to get their hands on this, Patti Day's one and only album. Out of nowhere, Patti released the song "Private Property" in 1988, but to little fanfare. However, it's follow-up, "Right Before My Eyes", was a dance floor sensation, thanks to a house remix that was right on at the time. The original version featured on this album is a fine piece of freestyle-ish pop. The rest of the album follows suit, never really straying from the synthy-electro vibe. Three other singles were released from the album with diminishing returns: "Drive Me", "Inch By Inch" and "No One". The album was produced by disco god Michael Zager (with scratches by Grandmaster Flash!!), so you would expect nothing less than a dance work-out. That being said, nothing here reaches the heights of the hit that made this album possible. But as with most pop rarities, there is still pleasure to be had. She did release one last non-album track, a remake of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", but only the vocal-free remix by Carl Craig got any attention, and Patti hasn't been heard from since. (Oh, and take note: Patti does a version of the song "Trapped In The Shadows Of Love", penned by pop diva Martika, a song that also appears on Joy Winter's album, also posted here! Who does it better? You decide...)

UPDATE:  "Right Before My Eyes" has recently been covered by Little Nikki.  Amazing cover!  Check out the video!

Download Love Crazy

Right Before My Eyes
Inch By Inch
No One
To Make A Wish
I Got A Right
Drive Me
Fear Of Love
Street Beat
Old Enough To Know Better
Trapped In The Shadows Of Love


  1. I totally remember seeing this in the cut out bins all the time!!! Gotta love these flop divas! Speaking of are you planning on uploading Anna Marie? Michael Jay produced no hit wonder if you need it.

  2. I would love to share Anna Marie here! I only have it on cassette, but she was one of the ones that made me want to create this blog! If you could upload it for me, I'd be forever grateful!! xo

  3. Of course! I recently got it on CD...I will upload and share w/ you :)

  4. can anyone say MADONNA!!! i mean really patty, its one thing to emulate an artist, but this is riduculous.

  5. "Right Before My Eyes" peaked at #44 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Club Play chart.

  6. Can you re-up the album, please? Thank you!