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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sofia Shinas - Sofia Shinas (1992)

Do you remember Greek-Canadian actress and chanteuse Sofia Shinas in her film debut, The Crow? Likely not, and you likely wouldn't remember her debut album either. Another case of a pretty face and serviceable voice, but nothing particularly unique. The album contains what is becoming a trend here, tracks that are pop first and foremost, with elements of house-lite and R&B-lite. Producers include the usual array of pop producers of the time, including Ben Grosse, Daniel Abraham, Andres Levin, Camus Celli, Roger Sanchez and Tommy Musto. Indeed there is great production, and Sofia's voice is Martika-esque, but none of the tracks are very memorable. To be fair, "The Message" (a reworking of a 1991 Kate Ceberano album track, which dented the Billboard Hot 100 at #75) and "State Of Mind" were minor Billboard Dance hits, but this was due in large part to their stellar house remixes. This is Ms. Shinas' only album to date, though I did find a site where she mentions working on a new album. Sorry to say, but I doubt there is a huge audience for it. She focused on her acting career after this album fizzled, and alas, even her acting roles stayed under the radar. But once again, if you like '90's pop, you'll like this. And, she's awfully pretty. ;)

Video for The Message

Video for One Last Kiss

Download Sofia Shinas

The Message
One Last Kiss
Colour Me Love
Under The Tulip Tree
Let's Go All The Way
State Of Mind
Strange Cat
Soldier Boy
Better On Your Own
I'm Your Saint


  1. I finally gave in and bought this at the used cd store this weekend. I'd seen in a gazillion times over the years and never picked it up!

  2. Well, the album is one of so many, but it is indeed a pretty nice one if you like this 90-ish pop stuff. If yes, pick it up. It's worth a listen. I had never heard of her before, but found an entry with a very nice picture of her (haha) and wanted to know how this album sounds. I like it anyway. As said, pretty nce.