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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ileana - Ileana (1989)

Trying to find info on the internet about Ileana is impossible, but thanks to her CD liner notes, it's also unnecessary! Ileana Holland grew up in a musical family, her parents having been in the "popular" Latin group Los Deltas, while Ileana and her sisters performed on the "top-rated" Puerto Rican TV Show 'The Nydia Caro Show' as singers and dancers and were recognized as Puerto Rico's "most popular female group" under the name The Sound City Girls. She soon moved on to join the group Triple Exposure with her husband Glen and the group were an "immediate success". "Earmarked for success", she went on to perform in the Disneyland house band Krash. And then she released this, her only solo album, and subsequently disappeared into obscurity despite all of her "popularity" and "success".  The album, which contains a lot of input from her husband, has some Latin-pop and freestyle, as would be expected, but it's also surprisingly funky and Ileana's voice is surprisingly soulful.  With repeated listens it just keeps growing on me. It's truly unfortunate it wasn't a bigger success. It's a light, fun dance-pop album - nothing groundbreaking, but definitely worthy of attention. Too bad Ileana's previous "success" didn't carry over to her solo career, as she did show some promise.

**UPDATE - Thanks yet again to Consolecharlie, we have new info on Ileana from her Myspace page. She has continued to sing as the lead vocalist for corporate and wedding band Soulville, as well as for commercials and TV work. She has also been the lead arranging vocalist for the American Idol live shows. 

Download Ileana

Dream On
Creatures Of The Night
Ay, Ay, Ay (Si Papi)
Love Shouldn't Hurt So
One More Kiss
My Heart Belongs To You
You Got Me Goin'
Eye To Eye
Life After Love
Sweetest Poison


  1. Just wanted to say this blog is AMAZING! Keep up the fab job!

  2. Thank you so much! It's an acquired taste, I know, but I'm glad some people dig it! Tell your friends, and expect many more trashy pop delights!

  3. Omg...this lady sounds just like Jennifer Lopez!! vocally!! I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing...but it's an indication that Jenny should reinvigorate Freestyle to pop :)

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  5. I think I might have found some info about Ileana's band Krash - found some info on this blog:

    Apparently they released a CD, think a hunt is in order :D

    If I find anything else I'll let you know!

  6. Sorr for being so quick but I think I've hit about as close as you can get to the jackpot without getting it!

    I've found the MySpace page of one of the members of Ileana's band Krash. A man called Carlos Murguia.

    He was frontman for the band for 10 years apparently. If anone knowns anything about Ileana it's him I'd imagine. I'll keep looking for more info for you!

  7. Found another little snippit of info I found on a website here:

    "This release by Ileana was Telarc's one and only foray into dance music. I spoke to a rep from the label back in the early 90s and he told me they took a bath on this release because they didn't truly know the workings of the dance music market.

    Even without the proper promotion this single is quite good and worth seeking out if you were into the Latin Disco or freestyle sounds of the late 80s."

  8. Just got the reply from Carlos, formerly of "Krash" which Ileana used to be a part of.

    "Thanks for stopping by, I know Ileana still sings but I don't have her info, I hear from her every once in a great while. (years actually!!)
    The next time I speak with her I'll tell her you're looking for her and give her your info."

    At least we know she is still out there :D

  9. Hey Nasty G, glad the holiday went well for ya. As a little present for the return home, I've found the lovely Ileana Holland :)

    Still very much around in the celebrity business and still married to Glenn :)

    She also has a MySpace site:

  10. Thanks again! I'm glad you keep on top of these things. :)

  11. lol, this was a completely random one, wasn't even trying to find it and I stumbled right on it lol

    Just wondering, I keep noticing on some websites that Love and Sas released a 2nd album called Once In a Million. I know they had that as a single from the 1st album, but do you know anything about that?

  12. I've seen that too, but I assure you that they didn't release a second album, though Lovena has released three solo albums. The song on the album Once In A Lifetime did win a Juno, though. Maybe they were mistaking it for the single or perhaps it was a repackaging of the first album? There is no mention of a second album in either Saskia or Lovena's bios either.

  13. Ileana is still signing her face off and performing for corporate events. She has recorded several songs and plans to release a record in early 2015.. Be on the look out.