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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Carmen Electra - Carmen Electra (1992)

Well, what can be said about Carmen Electra that hasn't been already? We all know she is an actress who was best known for her role in Baywatch, as well as her marriages to Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro (which spawned a reality TV show) and her Playboy spreads. Most people also know that she once dated Prince, and recorded an album for his Paisley Park label. What many people don't know is that she recorded as a rapper more than a singer, and that her album is actually pretty hot! Using the same Paisley Park production team as Ingrid Chavez (with help from Junior Vasquez and Monie Love), Carmen recorded a fun, funky and fresh album, with a heavy dose of S-E-X. Whether she's extolling the virtues of being a "Go Go Dancer" or just wanting to have "Fun", Carmen spits out rhymes like a sexier, whiter Queen Latifah (well, maybe not, but at least she's better than Icy Blu!). And she does attempt to sing, most notably on the incredibly dancey "Fantasia Erotica". Alas, the world has never been kind to white female rappers, and Carmen's recording career ended very quickly and quietly. But her acting and modeling careers still thrive, so don't cry for Carmen. And we can all hold out hope that she may one day again "Step To The Mic".

Video for Everybody Get On Up

Video for Go Go Dancer

Video for Fantasia Erotica

Download Carmen Electra

Go Go Dancer
Good Judy Girlfriend
Go On (Witcha Bad Self)
Step To The Mic
Fantasia Erotica
Everybody Get On Up
Just A Little Lovin'
All That
This Is My House


  1. I fell in love with Carmen when she released this album. I still remember all of the hype surrounding it because of the Prince involvement. The "Go Go Dancer" was a moderate hit on The Box. This would be a fun song to do drag to IMO!

  2. OMG, I REMEMBER that "Go-Go Dancer" video! WOW!! LOL!!!!! They used to play it A LOT on The Box, WAY before Baywatch and MTV. LOL!!!

  3. First of all - WELCOME BACK (and condolences on your loss). I've enjoyed your blog and always love browsing through it. I think the link to this album has expired. Any chance you can repost? Would love to have some Carmen back in my life. Thanks!