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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ingrid Chavez - May 19, 1992 (1991)

Ingrid Chavez came to fame as the star of Prince's flop film Graffiti Bridge. Plucked by the man from obscurity, she was a shining light in an otherwise dull (though unnecessarily skewered) film. Thanks to this role, however, she got to record her one and only album (so far, hopefully!). Her music was certainly not an easy sell, and it's no surprise it didn't find a huge audience. It's basically poetry set to music, with her whispery voice switching from spoken word to singing. The production is pure Paisley Park, with Prince's influence very obvious. It is actually a funky, ethereal, trippy delight. I remember the first time I did mushrooms we had this on repeat. QUITE the trip! (Kids, don't try this at home!) She made three beautiful videos (for "Elephant Box", Heaven Must Be Near" and "Hippy Blood"), but they did little to spark her success. She became better known as the co-writer, with ex-lover Lenny Kravitz, of Madonna's "Justify My Love" (which could have been a lost track off this album). She sued for being left off the credits. Then she married eclectic singer David Sylvian and records with him to this day. We can only pray she finds the time to record another solo album soon!

UPDATE:  Ingrid finally released another album in 2010, A Flutter And Some Words, and after watching the video for the first single, "Down By The Water", I think you'll like what you hear!  She is also half of electronic duo Black Eskimo, who released the amazing album Deep & Heady in 2013.  Go to Ingrid's website to find out all of the exciting details!

Video for Elephant Box

Video for Hippy Blood

Video for Heaven Must Be Near

Download May 19, 1992

Heaven Must Be Near
Hippy Blood
Candle Dance
Elephant Box
Slappy Dappy
Little Mama
Spiritual Storm
Sad Puppet Dance
Whispering Dandelions

1 comment:

  1. Looks like all of that praying worked, cuz guess what???

    She has a new album coming out!

    Apparently it was gonna come out this year, but it got pushed back.

    Check out her site for more details.

    This is her new video, "Down By The Water":