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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jaya - Jaya (1989)

Jaya is Maria Luisa Ramsey Buffington, a Filipino soul singer who fell under the production guidance of freestyle king Stevie B. According to legend, Stevie B already had an album in the works for another artist who pulled out at the last minute, and Jaya (a name Stevie cooked up) came in to pick up the pieces. The album was released during freestyle's heyday, and the debut single, "If You Leave Me Now" was a huge freestyle hit and hit #44 on the Billboard Hot 100. It featured a heavy dose of Stevie B, which no doubt helped make it a dance hit. The album wasn't exactly the freestyle romp one would expect, though. It leaned more heavily on R&B and soul, which was Jaya's true love (she is known as the Filipino Queen Of Soul, after all). Unfortunately, this didn't endear it to a large audience, and despite dance chart success, Jaya failed to set the pop charts aflame. The second single, "One Kiss Per Minute", barely made a blip, and the album and artist faded into obscurity - at least in North America. Jaya has had a very healthy career in the Philippines, however, and has released several successful albums since this, and she also judges on Filipino TV talent shows. Though North American success eluded her, it's nice to know the lady still shines overseas.

Video for Shadow Love

Download Jaya

If You Leave Me Now
You Mean Everything To Me
Hooked On Your Love
One Kiss Per Minute (7" Mix)
Shadow Love
Everybody Wants What I Got
Tonight You'll See
Bring Back Your Loving


  1. It really is a shame that North America never embraced Jaya. I have this album, which I still consider one of my top faves. Jaya's voice is so unique and distinct. A few years ago, Stevie B re-released "If You Leave Me Now" with another singer; I'm sorry but it just wasn't the same without Jaya's voice. BRING BACK JAYA!

  2. great post! I had the original 12" when it came out, I lived in Chicago and it was EVERYWHERE. I think it spent the longest time on the Billboard chart without hitting the top-40 i believe. I'm also glad she's doing well, and thanks for the listen to the album!


  3. hi there!

    if someone has got a copy of this LP for sale, i'm intersted :

    many thanks ;)

  4. I got the cd for my birthday off of Amazon. I luv this album! My absolute favorite song is "Shadow Love."

  5. I have this cd and the version of the track "One Kiss Per Minute" on my CD is different than the (7" mix) on this album. I can send to you if you're interested.