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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Traci Lords - 1,000 Fires (1995)

Yes indeed, it is THE Traci Lords, porn queen extraordinaire. During her rise to fame as a porn goddess, many music producers and labels tried to cash in on her notoriety, wanting to make her into a rock goddess a la Lita Ford or Lee Aaron. But Traci, even through her drug induced haze, knew that was not the direction that she wanted to go in. She did not make music during her porn career, and it wasn't until after, when she was being recognized for legitimate acting roles in Melrose Place and Cry Baby, that she decided to finally make her mark in the music world. But she chose to record a full on techno album, thanks to her love of dance music, a very risky proposition considering the style was dominated by men. But with the help of techno god Juno Reactor and the reborn Thompson Twins, as Babble, she succeeded in recording a very impressive dance album. Her voice isn't exactly perfect, but it works over the dark, dancey beats that permeate the album, and her girlish voice works especially well on the trippier, moodier tracks, especially the shocking "Father's Field". Of course, such a risky album was not exactly made to garner success on the pop charts, and it didn't. But it became a critical success, perhaps the first in Traci's career. She has recorded a bit since, and I, for one, long for her next musical masterpiece.

Video for Control

Video for Fallen Angel

An alternate, rock version of Fallen Angel

Download 1,000 Fires

Fallen Angel
Good 'N' Evil
Distant Land
Outlaw Lover
I Want You
Say Something
Father's Field
Okey Dokey


  1. YOU ARE THE BEST! I've been searching for this album for like forever! and here it is on Tanya's Island! im such a Traci Lords fan and i have seen her as a porn star turn into an accomplished actress and trance singer. i just dig all her worx! this is the best bday gift ever! thanxxxx

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Happy birthday!!

  3. One of my favourite albums! Traci is a misunderstood musical genius!

  4. Tigra...i know it's hard to believe but this is one of my faves as well :P I used to jam out to this album so much back in the day. Viva Traci!!!!

  5. Love, love, love this album! I bought it some years back, just out of curiosity. Although I can take or leave the last track, I remember being surprised at just how good the whole thing was. I really need to dig out my copy now..

    Great blog as well, btw! Thanks also for linking me :)

  6. Control's been used on a bunch of soundtracks, generally with Traci's vocals mixed out...this blogs awesome!

  7. This is an excellent album and, unlike many of the ones on your site,it's still in-print(after 13 years!).
    I just read that Traci is working on new music...

  8. A strange girl, Traci is, you don't know if you should swallow her bullshit about her being "too drugged up" to know she was "doing wrong" about screwing guys for $$$ when she was 16 and 17.

    Yeah, well, the music in this album is WAY WAY too techno for me, but I've listened to it a bit in the past and even bought it on Amazon for a few bucks a while back.

    A strange thing, indeed, kinda like the album, kinda like HER.

  9. This album shows how much better an album will be if you just do what you like instead of trying to create pop hits.

  10. how does is this still up 9yrs later ? quite impressive