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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Robin Fox - I See Stars: The Trance Album (2001)

American Robin Fox is a multi-media kind of lady. Equal parts model, DJ, actress and singer, she has pursued fame, to limited but cult-worthy success. She has probably gotten the most notice as a singer, as she became unofficial queen of trance. Though trance music purists loathed her dance hit "I See Stars", dance music lovers embraced the track, and a remix also made it a hit on freestyle playlists as well. Her second single "It's Gonna Be Okay" didn't quite garner the same success, but she has continued to record. Her only album thus far keeps up with the trance vibe (thus the second part of it's title), occasionally delving into electro and pure synth pop. It's a sugary concoction, very much in the Rollergirl /Ann Lee vein, with girlish (and sometimes robotic) vocals over synthy beats. She also recorded similar music as Barbarella, and apparently has quite the stage show. The existence of her Myspace page would indicate that we haven't heard the last from her, and we can only hope that's true.

Download I See Stars: The Trance Album

It's Gonna Be Okay
Feels Inside
I See Stars
Call Me
Give Me What I Came Here For
Angie Baby
I See Stars (DJ Sharaz's Night Sky Remix)
Superstar (Ford's Big Beat Remix)


  1. Oh geez, this is a cd I had been meaning to buy for YEARS and finally got it used on! I was just listening to it the other day.

    You say model? hmmmm....have you seen the love handles hanging out of her crop top on the back cover? I guess photoshop wasn't working that day! LOL

  2. Download link is dead, was wondering if you could reup the album

  3. thank you very much, love the blog by the way