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Friday, December 12, 2008

April - Magical (1991)

Thanks to the magic of Myspace, we have another one-named, one-albumed wonder who has re-emerged. When I first looked for info on April years ago, I could find nothing except that her last name was Kelly (it's now Penn). But freestyle fan demand (they are a loyal bunch, me included!) prompted April to create a Myspace site. Her only album thus far appeared in 1990 at the height of freestyle's popularity (and the cover alone is worth having! That hair! LOL). On it were club hits "Losing My Heart Over You", "Someone To Hold" and "You're The One For Me". Indeed, she was one of her label Metropolitan's greatest successes. But unlike other freestyle divas like Corina and Safire, she never graduated to a major label and conquered the pop charts. Three years later she would form Band Of Gold, a covers band that plays special events and that she still performs with. In it is also her husband, Billy Penn, who also recorded an album, the countrified Pennalized. Together they could cover all of the musical bases. And now she is preparing to finally release another album independently in 2009 that incorporates all of the styles that she has performed in her band over the years. We can only pray that at least one of them is the freestyle sound that her fans adore...

Download Magical

Someone To Hold
Bring Back The Lover In Me
You're The One For Me
Losing My Heart Over You
No One Could Have Loved Me Better
Right On Time
Someone To Hold (Urban Mix)
You're The One For Me (Urban Mix)
Special Love


  1. Hi, Nasty G!
    OMG! This album is a masterpiece (and so hard to find).

    "Somebody to Hold" is one of my favorite freestyle's songs of all time. And her hairstyle is priceless!

    Thank you very much for posting this real gem =)

    Greetings from Chile,
    El Astronauta

  2. I had recently heard about her new project! The Kelly / Penn thing had me confused - makes sense; thanks for clearing that up.

  3. Hell's bells! This shit is FIERCE. Although you had me at underground freestyle diva.

    I just hope she keeps the same hairstyle for her comeback!

  4. She's the slutty soccer mom of the freestlye divas with that hair! I love it!