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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunni - Sunni (1990)

So, my helpful friend Consolecharlie/Dream101 asked whether Sunni released an album, and I figured it didn't exist. A quick search on Amazon revealed that it did indeed exist, and it was going for 99 cents! So obviously I ordered it immediately and received it quickly, all the better to share with you. I was not aware of Sunni until recently, where a couple of my fave freestyle sites posted her singles "Why Did My Baby Get Over Me" and "When The Shades Pull Down". I was instantly excited as I saw that my fave freestyle producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa (of Shannon fame) produced the tracks, and the remixes they offered were awesome. Then I was directed to the video of "Why Did My Baby Get Over Me" and realized that the original version of the song was not very much like a Shannon freestyle song but more like her pop/R&B dance moments (and the video is a cheesy blast, BTW). The album is more in that vein (and Barbosa and Liggett didn't produce all of the tracks), though there are freestyle elements as well - more Pebbles/Martika than Safire, in other words. I cannot find a stitch of info on Sunni (I'll leave that to the resourceful Consolecharlie), but obviously her songs were not big hits, though hardcore old-school dance music lovers certainly have a fondness for them ("You Could Change My Life" and "Or Lose Me" were also singles). And this type of album is what this blog exists for, so I am thrilled to have discovered and acquired it, even if it is almost 20 years after the fact!!

Video for Why Did My Baby Get Over Me

Download Sunni

You Could Change My Life
Hand N' Glove
When The Shades Pull Down
Let's Love
Why Did My Baby Get Over Me
Best Friend's Boyfriend
Or Lose Me
How You Love Me
Where Did I Go Right?


  1. OMG why have I never heard of her before???!!?!?!?! She is TRAHSTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree! I didn't know Sunni before, but checked out this post and really enjoyed every single track on her CD. Just upbeat freestyle, really fun. Thanks!

  3. Wow, never imagined I'd see a review of this. Love this album! I remember being thrilled as well when I first heard this. I first came across this by accident through a random search on eBay several years back. I remember the seller had a real 'loud' listing (I guess he had to drum up interest in this obscure album somehow). Nevertheless, the names involved and the anonymity and obscurity of it intrigued me enough that I ended picking up a copy when I saw one at the used CD shop days later. I haven't listened to it in a long time, but at the time I was wondering who else knew about this, since I could find nothing at the time! Once again, your selection of obscure gems amazes me!

  4. i had the cd maxi single and vinyl of Why did my baby get over well as the album on cd back in the day...i like best friends boyfriend kinda reminds me of Cold Hearted Snake from Paula Abdul

  5. Can you please reupload? THANKS!