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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eleanor Academia - Jungle Wave (1987) & Global Conversations (1992) DOUBLE POST!!

Thanks to the awesome "Joe", I now present to you an album I've wanted to share for some time and have had many requests for but, as is often the case here, I only have on cassette. Joe luckily had the CD version from Japan (entitled Adventure and released under her full name) and sent me the files and voila! Thanks SO MUCH Joe! You are a god! Eleanor Academia was born in Hawaii and raised in California. She perfected many instruments and was especially adept at percussion. Luckily her talents were recognized by Columbia Records and the label signed her. As a credit to her talents, the label allowed her to produce her first album, a rarity for new artists back in the day. The album explored many different sounds, and was considered a 'worldbeat' album, containing international folk elements mixed with some synth flavour. While the album itself was released to little fanfare, the first single, "Adventure", was remixed by scorching remixer Shep Pettibone. The remix took the electro bassline from Rockers Revenge's "Walkin' On Sunshine", which was produced by the brilliant Arthur Baker, and animal noises and chants were added for exotic effect. I first heard of Eleanor when the remix was played in a local record store and I became entranced, snatching the 12" single up immediately. It is one of the best dance songs of all time, IMO. The remix deservedly became a #1 dance hit. (I've included an edited version of the dance mix, graciously also sent by Joe, in the download so that you can experience it's pleasures). I bought the album later, and must confess I was greatly disappointed. I was expecting more dance awesomeness, but the album was far from a dance album. But as the years went on I was drawn back to the album several times as I discovered its understated pleasures. Alas, other people must have initially approached the album with the same attitude I did, and it went nowhere commercially. At that point Eleanor disappeared from my radar. But research revealed that Eleanor managed to release a follow-up on Epic under her full name entitled Global Conversations in 1992, though its distribution seemed to be limited to Europe. And she carried on after that on her own label, Black Swan, embracing a much rockier vibe. She has released two albums on that label thus far, Oracle Of The Black Swan in 2002 and When You Live in 2009, and she continues to record and tour. She is also a "teacher, scholar and Thought Leader" (according to her website) and also hosts her own radio show. So once again, talent prevails!

Download Jungle Wave

Bahala Na
Philippines, Philippines
I'm Human
Better Safe Than Sorry
One Dot World
Hiwaga Sa Loob Ng Perlas (Magic In The Great Pearl)
 9 Adventure (Edited Club Version)

Download Global Conversations

1 Global Conversations
2 Speak To Me
3 The Dialogue - Caught Between ii Worlds
4 Caught Between ii Worlds
5 Kiss The Moon
6 Passion With A Sword
7 Are You Well
8 My Name Is
9 (Interlude) Kulintang Eruption
10 Who Is God
11 -1-0-1-0-1-0-
12 (Interlude) Wo-Oo-Ee-Yo-Oo


  1. wow awesome, the version i have is promo with 4 song and interviews between the tracks
    thanks luvsong

  2. The "Adventure" remix is a thing of beauty.

  3. Thanks for this post! Do you have the Global Conversations album as well?

  4. Sorry, I don't have Global Conversations but if I get it I'll definitely upload it...

  5. hey there! any chance you could reupload this album please?? it sounds great... unfortunately, all the inks are down. thanks alot! :)

  6. Actually, most of the links still work except for Rapidshare and Hotfile. Please try them all. Megaupload usually works for a long time. ;)

  7. I loved the ' Jungle Wave 'LP from 1st listen. Just re-mastered it to CD. Awesome....

  8. Hi ! can you reupload this record ! Thanks in advance !

    1. Sorry, but I seem to have lost the files for this. If I can locate them, I'll reup the album. ;)

    2. Found it!! It has been reupped. ;)

  9. Thank you so much for everything that you do here! I really appreciate it.
    'Adventure' may sound simple but that beat is workin'!

  10. Can you reload the album? Thank you.

  11. I've been looking for this for years on CD - Would love to get it here if you still have it available?

  12. Hey mate! Any chance of re-uploading? Cheers!

    1. It looks like Global Conversations is down as of today. Jungle Wave is good to go. Thanks for that and all your other uploads and re-ups in advance!

  13. great page! can you please re up this gem? thanks

  14. seems I missed this. Any chance of one more reup plss?