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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eria Fachin - My Name Is Eria Fachin (1988)

Thankfully last week I slipped into a record store and slipped out with an album I've wanted to feature for some time, and all for a dollar! This is my first vinyl rip for this blog as well (UPDATE - My friend Max sent me a CD rip of the album, so I've posted that instead as the sound is much clearer. ;). Eria Fachin is another artist that there is very little info available for, though she did indeed have a 'hit'. From what I have been able to find out, I can tell you that she was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She attended college there and also dabbled in singing. She did gigs with the McMaster Jazz Band across Canada in the early 1980s, one of which you can watch HERE. Her strong clear voice was indeed perfect for jazz, but when she emerged in 1986 with her first single (though there are rumours of an earlier single), she was in full-on dance diva mode. "Savin' Myself" was produced by Canadian hi-NRG producer extraordinaire Vincent Degiorgio, and was released on his indie Power label. The upbeat song quickly became a hit in Canadian dance clubs, and soon spread to clubs across the world. The song was so successful for Eria that it prompted American label Critique to sign her, and it even peaked in the Billboard Hot 100 at #50. It is to this day considered one of the classic hi-NRG songs. This success led to an album. Though DJs were clamoring for her hi-NRG take on The Supremes' "I Hear A Symphony" to be released as a single, instead the freestyle-ish "Your Love Just Came Too Late" was released as a follow-up. Though it had success in some clubs, it was a departure from her hit and likely confused potential fans. "I Hear A Symphony" was finally released, and it too was a hit in clubs, but by then a larger audience was out of her grasp. Not much was heard from Eria over the next while, and this was likely due to the fact that she was diagnosed with cancer and had to deal with treatment and recovery. She did manage to record another song, the title track to the Kiefer Sutherland movie (and notorious bomb - it wasn't released until 2000) "Woman Wanted". She was said to be recording a new album as well, but sadly her disease got the best of her and she passed away in 1996. Such a shame, as hers was a voice that was sure to capture the spotlight once again. Thankfully we have this fun and upbeat album to remember her fondly by. (For another great live performance from 1986 that showcases her true talent, go HERE.)

Download My Name Is Eria Fachin

Savin' Myself
Only A Hope
Get You Out Of My Heart
Innocence Falls Away
Eria's Aria / I Hear A Symphony
Your Love Just Came Too Late
Dontcha Know
Remember Me
You're So Sexy
Let Somebody Love You


  1. Awesome, thanks for this one!

  2. Aria is my husband's cousin. She passed away in 1996 from cancer...

  3. Eria is my aunt. I felt an urge to try and remember her today by looking through old photos, writings, etc. Thanks for the nice write up on her. We all miss her and think about her often, especially now since her mother (my Nonna) recently passed away. Let them both rest in peace together.

    1. I had the opportunity to meet Eria and your nono & nona in Hollywood Florida when they had there small motel in the 90's. I had a motel in Fort Lauderdale and we became friends. I hope your nono is doing well.

  4. None of the links work; Please repost...

  5. I saw her open for Candi in Calagary in 88/89. She was a nice bonus. I do like the album.

  6. Please, Please, Please re-up!
    Many thanks in advance, and great work on the site.

  7. I would really love to hear this album. Please help out a fellow Canadian and reup. Many thanks.

  8. Hello Nasty G. I am hoping for another re-up of this album. Please and thank you!