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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Trouble - Big Trouble (1988)

Big Trouble is a girl band that I had never heard of until recently, thanks to one of my fave weekly blog features on Popdose, Bottom Feeders: The Ass End Of The '80s, which features songs from the 1980s that made it into the Billboard Top 100 but not the Top 40. I've discovered many 'deserted' pop stars through that, so thanks Dave! Big Trouble was formed by TV exec Fred Silverman, who had also created TV sensations The Monkees. Obviously wanting to make a modern, female version of the Monkees, Fred did a country-wide search and finally chose Bobbie Eakes (lead vocals - and former Miss America finalist), Julia Farey (bass and background vocals), Rebecca Ryan (keyboards and background vocals) and Suzy Zarow (drums and background vocals). They were fortunate enough to get hooked up with the legendary Giorgio Moroder, who produced the whole album with assistance from various other producers. This gave them a dance-pop sound with a rock edge, reminiscent of Giorgio's work with acts like Berlin. Luckily for the girls, his talents helped them score a minor hit in 1987 with their first single, "Crazy World", which reached #71 on the Billboard Top 100. Coasting on this fame, their manager got them a gig as the house band for a comedy sketch show, Comedy Break, where they also occasionally performed in the skits. Yet, despite a 'hit', extensive touring, and television exposure, their second single, "When The Love Is Good", failed to chart and they broke up soon after. Though they likely all continued to perform, none but Farey, who joined all-female hard rock group Precious Metal, managed to get another high profile gig. In music, that is. Bobbie Eakes enjoyed her acting experience on Comedy Break so much that she decided to pursue acting, and in 1989 she joined the cast of soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful as Macy Alexander. She stayed in the role, off and on, until 2003, and then joined the cast of another soap opera, All My Children, as Krystal Carey, where she still appears. Through the years she also continued to sing, releasing an album of duets in 1994 with B&B love interest Jeff Trachta, which went double-platinum in Europe. She also recorded a successful country duet, "Tired Of Loving This Way", with Collin Raye in 2000, and released two solo albums - Here And Now in 1998 and Something Beautiful in 2005. She has even hosted country music shows on cable network Great American Country. Busy lady indeed! (Note: Major credit must be given to Isle fan Jason who graciously sent me the album after seeing it on my wanted list. Thanks so much again!!!!)

Video for Crazy World

Download Big Trouble

When The Love Is Good
Say Yes
One More Arrow
Cool Jerk
What About You And Me
Crazy World
Trains And Boats And Planes
I Like It


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  2. I've been meaning to get this on CD, thank you!!!!!

  3. thanks! yes I would have bought it too as an original, but *NOT* the LP, which is widely available and common as mud.
    The CD *is* rare and goes at "decent" prices when sighted.

  4. Many, many thanks! been after this for years & years - my LP's worn out - have a great Christmas!


  5. Thanks for this incredible and very rare masterpiece! I was looking for it long time ago!
    Many, many sincere thanks and godbless!
    From Brazil.

  6. I was the 'other' TV Producer on this project and enjoyed working with the girls. They were all talented and a lot of fun. Unfortunately the group never had another hit after 'Crazy World' so the 'Female Monkees' never happened but believe me they could have done it.

  7. The reason I discovered Big Trouble is not mentioned here. I know them by one song that I consider a lost hit; "All I Need Is You". I heard it on the soundtrack to the Movie "Over The Top", starring Sylvester Stallone. I'm glad to see they're known for other hits too. I'm downloading now to hear 'em.

  8. it seems incredible that such a great song could pass everyone by

  9. superb vocal performance,great production,this song should have been huge.

  10. "All I need is you" was played at my wifes and I wedding in 1989.
    It is a beautiful song and hold many speicial memories for me.

  11. The link for this album is dead. Can you reupload please? Dying to download. Thanks :)

    1. Unfortunately I have lost the files for this. Am hoping someone else will share them so I can reup. Keep checking. ;)

    2. Someone shared! It has been reupped. ;)

  12. I missed these gals the first time around so thanks for sharing this treasure with us. Wow, they were good. Great voices, catchy songs - should have been huge stars. I cannot stop playing When the Love is Good.