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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Michelle Goulet - Michelle Goulet (1986)

Awhile back I posted the maxi-single of Michelle Goulet's version of "Stop & Think" on my sister blog, Lost Pop Treasures, and I hinted that I would love to get my hands on the album. Well, thanks to the awesome Adriana, my wish has come true!! Thanks again A! Michelle is another of those mystery '80s pop ladies that released one album on a major label, in this case Island Records, had a couple dance hits and then seemingly disappeared. The little I can find on her reveals that she was a session singer until she was discovered and signed by the head of Island, Chris Blackwell. Her first single was "Stop & Think", but it was also released by another act, Fire On Blonde, the same year. The two similar versions sort of cancelled each other out on the charts, though they both were played in dance clubs, and both acts lost any momentum they may have had. Michelle released a second single, the ballad "I'm In Love", which highlighted her very powerful pipes and Mariah-esque high notes (practically squeals!), years before Mariah appeared. After this, she released one more single in 1988, the new track "Over And Over And Over", which was produced by freestyle and hi-NRG master Ish (the man behind acts like Company B and Shana). Even though the song was a substantial dance hit, the label apparently dropped her. Although I have this album on cassette, I never listened to it properly. Listening to it now, I am surprised Island didn't give her a second chance or another label didn't snap her up. She has a very powerful and soulful voice, especially on the ballads, and the faster tracks are quite fun and danceable. Since the 80s she remained active in music, again as a session singer and as a member of the Detroit wedding band Mel Ball And Colours. (As an added bonus, I tracked down and included "Over And Over And Over", which was not on the album. Enjoy!)

Download Michelle Goulet

Stop & Think
I'm In Love
All The Other Boys
It's Gonna Take A Miracle
Slow Down
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
So Satisfied
Other Side Of The World
9 Over And Over And Over


  1. I worked in a record store back when this came out. We got a promo copy so one day I decided to give it a chance. I didn't really know what to expect but when I heard "I'm In Love", I was hooked. Everytime I played it in the store, someone asked about it and or bought a copy. If the record company had promoted this more, I think it could have been a hit.

  2. Awile back I Googled Michelle Goulet to find out what happened to her. I remember buying the Cassett back in the 80's and WORE IT OUT...especially " I'm In Love" . Clearly I thought she would be the new Teena Marie,because she had/has the vocal goods to do it. Fortunately she is still around and sings with a group called :Colours...Actually,I think it's Michael Legrand & Colours). I'd love 2 hear what she sounds like now...and to hear : ' I'm In Love.