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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maureen Steele - Nature Of The Beast (1985)

Here is another 80s gem sent to me by Toby. Of all of the albums Toby sent, this is the one I like the most. It's a funky dance pop treat. Thanks Toby!! Maureen Steele is another pop enigma. Her track "Boys Will Be Boys" appeared on the soundtrack to the movie The Flamingo Kid in 1984. The soundtrack was released on Motown Records, and soon after, Maureen's debut was also released on Motown. This was notable due to the fact that very few white artists were signed to the label at that time (another exception was Isle postee Misa). "Boys Will Be Boys" was a minor Billboard dance hit, but the follow-up single, "Save The Night For Me", which Maureen wrote, was an even bigger success, reaching #77 on the Billboard Top 100. "Rock My Heart" was planned as her next single, but was only issued as a promo. Apparently the label dropped her and she faded into obscurity, her only other notable appearance being as a back-up vocalist on Apollonia's only album, also featured on the Isle. This was likely due to Maureen's connections with her album's producers, Steve Barri and Bobby Sandstrom, who worked with Apollonia as well as other white pop-soul acts such as Sam Harris, Times Two and Wild Orchid, and also appeared on the album Let's Get Busy by previous Isle postees Teen Dream. Since then the internet has been abuzz with people looking for info on Maureen, but so far nothing has been uncovered about this talented but elusive artist.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick! LOL Tommy wrote to tell me that Maureen now goes by Maureen Steele-Volante. She and her husband Mike own a real estate company in California. This apparently became her new passion after singing. Check out their website HERE.

Video for Boys Will Be Boys

Download Nature Of The Beast

Nature Of The Beast

Physical Therapy

Save The Night For Me

Sneak Preview

Rock My Heart

Bad Girls Do It Better


Do You Like It When I Hurt You

My Shy Lover

Boys Will Be Boys


  1. Wow, I was wondering if/when this would show up here. Good choice! I remember some five or six years back on this Motown forum I used to read, a lot of the oldtimers were basically dissing most of the label's mid-80's signees - Maureen included. I think they had put her down as Motown's answer to Madonna or something like that. (Although whether or not that's a pejorative depends entirely on your perspective, I suppose). Anyway, I got curious and looked for her record at the used shop. Found it, but didn't buy it (still haven't) but I remember going home and looking her up. I had found out she was still in L.A., but had since become a realtor. She's still around, but now as Maureen Steele-Volante and still in the real estate business with her husband..

    Anyway thanks again for posting this! I never did hear any of her music, but the album's not half-bad..

    BTW speaking of white Motown artists, don't know if you've heard it already, but in case you haven't - I strongly recommend Charlene's last album for Motown, "Hit & Run Lover" (1984). They decided to totally shift her in a dance-pop direction, which obviously didn't pay off at all, commercially speaking, but is nevertheless a total treat!

  2. Thanks for the info! I'll update it immediately! And I do have Charlene's "Hit & Run Lover". It's definitely fun and definitely a change. I also intend on posting other white Motown artist Carrie McDowell's album once I get my hands on the vinyl - I only have it on cassette... It's also a lot of fun! Thanks again!

  3. Though the album is great, this rip is horrible. Plus, it doesn't seem to come off a vinyl record. (For instance, Track 1 got a replay gain of -8.26 dB, which means it's brickwalled, thus probably a remaster)

    Bass is hardly audible, I need to EQ this one manually to get some bass at all.

    Enough of my rants, I'm thankful to have it at all. But I have to state once I find a better rip this one will go off my HDD in the very same minute.

  4. hi, hey... maureen is my 1st. cousin and yes, she's been into real estate for a long time. she still has a beautiful voice as well as her sister renee. renee was a regular on kids incorporated in her younger yrs. and was a member of the group, black orchid. they were awesome as well. fergie was in the same group and ended up as a solo today. glad you enjoy their music!

  5. Anyone has this rare title on cassette tape? New and sealed I'd buy it!

  6. Nice! So glad I stumbled upon your blog and I can't thank you enough for offering this impossible to find album on download.

    I'm a chart geek on a quest to collect every Hot 100 song of the 80's. I'm about six songs away from completing 1985 and this is one of the artists that has eluded me for years!


  7. You mentioned Maureen's "connections" to Bobby Sandstrom as a producer of Apollonia's album. That connection is that Maureen is Bobby's sister. And As for working with Wild Orchid, That's because Maureen's little sister Renee was a member of that group.