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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sara Craig - E.P. (1991), Sweet Exhaust (1994) & Miss Rocket (1997) TRIPLE POST!!!

Out of the blue Sara Craig popped into my head this morning, and it occurred to me that she would be a perfect artist to feature on the Isle.  She is another of those artists that seem to have disappeared and are impossible to find any new info on on the internet, which is what makes her perfect for this blog.  Plus her music really should be heard, especially outside of her native Canada, as it is unusual and haunting.  If you like theatrical artists like Feist, Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, Jane Siberry or Tori Amos, but with a bit of a darker yet poppier edge (she sites influences like Eartha Kitt and Tina Turner), then Sara's for you.  Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Sara boldly posted an ad in a Toronto magazine in 1987 looking for musicians to work with, even though she had no experience.  After working with cover bands and as a session musician, she moved to the thriving music scene of Toronto, where she independently recorded and released her solo E.P. (which was reissued four years later by her label Attic after her success), which became an indie hit in Canada and even spawned a minor hit single in "Bike".  She was soon signed to Attic Records and released her major label debut three years later.  The album was produced by John Punter, a long-time producer who had previously worked with huge acts like Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, John Cougar and Slade, and it was recorded in a local church. The first single, "Thank You (Very Much)", was a charting Canadian hit, and its success was obviously helped by the success at the time of groups like Nine Inch Nails, whose "Closer" was like a companion piece to the dark song.  (Even more amazing is that it contains a brief sample from Isle postee Ingrid Chavez's first single, "Elephant Box".)  It was followed by "Cry Baby", and Sara was nominated for a Juno for Best New Solo Artist.  She took a few more years to record her next album, choosing to pursue a poppier and less dark sound to reflect her changing mood.  This time she recorded in London, England, with British producer Chris Tsangarides, who had his greatest successes with Concrete Blonde and The Tragically Hip.  The result was a much lighter affair, which was reflected in the singles "Miss Rocket" and "Mr. Right".  The album wasn't as successful, however, perhaps due to the change in musical direction, and it was the last anyone would hear from Sara, apparently.  A pity.  Unless anyone out there can shed some light on what became of this talented lady?  Till then, enjoy the work of a very unique artiste.

Download E.P.

1 Aspiring To
2 Bike
3 Tik Tok
4 Is It The Mind
5 Broomstik

Download Sweet Exhaust

1 Cry Baby
2 Thank You (Very Much)
3 I Thrive
4 Liar
5 Wakerlife Waltz
6 Sparks Fly
7 Sitting On A Fence
8 Souless Cage
9 Close To You
10 Bombarde Me
11 Wow
12 Sweet Exhaust
13 Elastic

Video for Mr. Right

Download Miss Rocket

1 Mister Right
2 My Sky Too
3 Breakwall
4 Hey Beauties
5 Pushing You Away
6 Who Are You
7 Keep On Driving
8 Miss Rocket
9 You Make Me Happy
10 You're Fine


  1. Totally new artist to me, and I'm looking forward to hearing these. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you SO much!! I have been searching for her discography online for YEARS. Best blog.

  3. Cool! Just found this blog. I have a hazy recollection of seeing Sara Craig at Lee's Palace when "Bike" was on the air on now I know it around 1991 or 1992. Again, awesome blog.

  4. Sweet Exhaust is one of my Canadian faves in my collection.

  5. Links are Dead /: