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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Coconuts - Don't Take My Coconuts (1983) & Killer Bees (1991)

So it only makes sense to do a post on the two albums released by the Coconuts, after last week's Boomerang post.  And thanks to Isle visitor Vance, I can!  He had and kindly shared the very rare second album Killer Bees, and for that I'm eternally grateful! :) There isn't really much to add in terms of info on the group, as I pretty much covered their history in the Boomerang post.  The original Coconuts from Kid Creole & The Coconuts were Adriana Kaegi, Cheryl Poirier and Taryn Hagey. (Note: While Kid Creole's entire band was also supposed to be considered part of 'The Coconuts', the ladies themselves were most commonly believed to be the sole owners of the moniker.)  With the group's success, the ladies were encouraged by Kid Creole aka August Darnell to record an album of their own, and they were quickly signed by EMI.  Darnell took over writing and producing duties, and included one of his previous singles, "Don't Take My Coconuts", on the album to help boost it, even though the ladies don't appear on the track.  As a result, the album wasn't much of a departure from Kid Creole & The Coconuts music other than that the ladies' vocals were featured more prominently.  Their first single was "Did You Have To Love Me Like You Did", and it managed to reach #60 in the UK charts.  The two follow-up singles, "Ticket To The Tropics" and "If I Only Had A Brain" (which was a take on the Scarecrow's song from The Wizard Of Oz), failed to chart and the ladies returned to back-up duties for Kid Creole.  Then, when the ladies wanted to pursue an independent career as Boomerang in 1985, Taryn Hagey decided not to be a part of it and left Kid Creole And The Coconuts as well.  After Boomerang failed to make any impact, Adriana and Cheryl returned to Kid Creole & The Coconuts, and Taryn was replaced by Swede Janique Svedberg.  The three ladies continued with the group until 1991, when their second Coconuts album was released - but on Darnell's indie Creole label, and only in Japan.  The album was executive produced by Darnell, but the sound was less tropical and much poppier (if still quite eclectic).  By then Kid Creole & The Coconuts' popularity was fading, however, and Killer Bees went unnoticed. Soon after, Adriana and Janique left Kid Creole & The Coconuts for good, and Cheryl didn't last too much longer.  Darnell enlisted other ladies to take their place and they still record and tour as Kid Creole & The Coconuts.  While Adriana's time with the group was mostly positive and resulted in a varied entertainment career, including the making of a documentary on her time with the group, Janique ended up with a severe drug addiction.  After overcoming it, she studied extensively about addiction and has become a very successful interventionist and life coach.  She has also starred in the reality show Swedish Housewives Of New York, a Swedish version of the popular Bravo Real Housewives franchise.

Video for Did You Have To Love Me Like You Did

Performance of Did You Have To Love Me Like You Did

Download Don't Take My Coconuts

1 Don't Take My Coconuts
2 Naughty Boy
3 Maladie D'Amour
4 Ticket To The Tropics
5 Indiscreet
6 Kriminal-Tango
7 Did You Have ToLove Me Like You Did
8 If I Only Had A Brain
9 The Glory That Was Eden

 Download Killer Bees

1 Double On Back
2 My Hero
3 How Long Can You Live Alone?
4 Happiness
5 Standing Tall
6 Killer Bees
7 Dacquiri, Dacquira
8 The Men I Meet!
9 You're Great When You're Straight
10 Fashion


  1. Thanks so much for these. I know "Ticket to the Tropics" from Cristina's "Sleep It Off" LP, where it appears in a very different version. (August Darnell produced her first album, "Cristina" a/k/a/ "Doll in the Box" -- which has a prototype version of the Kid Creole sound.)

  2. I still have my Coconuts LP from the early 80s!

  3. Thank you soooo much for these! I only had the single for Did You Have To Love Me Like You Did once, and I found it in Europe with the coconut album sleeve but my idiot boyfriend at the time lost it in a storage room! The quality of all of these is perfect and I've been loving that song forever - me and my girls had their whole routine down!